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    How many lipsticks?

    Hi all I am trying to build up my make up kit and just wondering how many lip colours you all have in your kit?
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    Low lights on dry hair!

    I have a client who has full head of blonde(bleached roots then toned every time) she's had lowlights before just a level 7 but they fade fast, anyway she has shown me a picture of lowlights which are a level 5 what would the best way to pre pig these low light? I have mixed pre pig in with low...
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    Difference with flat tips?

    Hi all I buy nail tips when doing bonds but what is the difference between this and flat tips? How is the application difference as I imagine you wouldn't roll it? Do you need training for flat tips? Extensions is just an extra service I offer within hairdressing so have been thinking about...
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    Some advice on creating ombré extensions please

    Hi everyone I have a client who is about a number 2 in extension colour and she is wanting an ombré effect, she liked the colour 18 but I'm looking for advice on placement, been doing extensions for few years but never did it this way. Her hair is below shoulder so I was thinking of doing the...
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    Russian hair that isn't really Russian?

    Have a client who enquired about Russian hair I gave her a rough idea of costs and she said she can get Russian bonds herself for basically slightly dearer than Indian remy hair, now I know you get companies selling Russian range but what is it that makes them sell it this way when it's not true...
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    Angel Remy users?

    Hi I'm looking to change over as current supplier always seems to be out of stock a lot, does anyone use this hair regularly? Anyone rate them or hate them? Lol just looming for some advice as going to try them for a client next week but she's quite fussy so worried it's not good hair xx
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    Advice please, client's mum on warpath

    Hello all please before anyone comments this post is about a client that had an abortion and I don't want it to turn into a debate about that subject. Basically a client of mine who is 19 had an abortion few weeks ago she told me at the time she was having one as she just broke down and felt...
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    Wella geeks-pastel?

    Can someone please tell me what percentage pastel is? Now iv always thought it was 2.9 but having read few recent things it's seems it's changed and it's now 1.9 I think it was that I read? Can someone please clarify xx
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    Opinion on colouring brassy hair

    Hello all looking for opinions, basically my client who is natural base 4 was getting a lots of bleached foils and toned by myself, she always asks for full head application but I always talked her out of it saying I don't think she would like it, anyways she's went and put a home colour on it...
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    Anyone have Angel Remy colour ring?

    Hi need a massive favour my usual supplier is out of the colour I need and I'm going to give angel remy a try can anyone post the shade of the number 4 colour please, would really appreciate it x
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    This colour in extensions?

    Does anyone know where I could get this colour in extensions, all the one u have seen are too bright xx
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    Struggling with clients hair and silver?

    Hi all I'm struggling with this client/friend she's looking for quite a silver/grey colour and iv used illumina 8/69 on dry hair and also used colour touch 8/81 on dry hair, both times it's came out silvery but not as ashy as she would like so I was think of using colour touch 7/89 but iv not...
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    Advice on this colour please

    Have a client looking to go from coloured base 8 with bleached highlights to the picture attached, natural base is 6, so I'm thinking colour touch 55/66 with some added /66 special mix but I'm not sure what to pre pig with I was going to use perfecton /6 but not sure if I should pre pig with a...
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    Help when low lighting?

    Hello I regular client had some lowlights through her bleached hair couple of months ago but when I out the low lights in I then bleached the root area but once dried you could see a slight line where the low lights didn't go right to the root, iv never had that problem when highlighting so...
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    New Wella instamatic colour?

    Has anyone heard much about this? Think there's 6 shades coming out and it's a semi and from what I'm reading only takes 5 minutes? Xx
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    First balayage, criticism please

    Hi all got an old doll out to practice the above, trying to do ombré/balayage, I can't seem to get a good picture of the colour think because it's getting dark in my house and even with the light on the picture isn't showing it off. I'm not greatly happy with it and I think it could be for the...
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    Cling film with balayage?

    Hi all forgive me for another balayage thread but can't seem to find the answer to this, Iv done an ombré technique before but not balayage so I'm attempting this tonight on a dolls head, my question is when doing the free hand in sections what do you put over the hair to protect it from the...
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    Hello can any if you asking geeks help me as to where I could buy this online etc, I bought it years ago from a beautician for my partner who suffers from muscle problems in his legs, it worked wonders but that beautician moved on and I'm struggling where to buy it, I can't see anything online xx
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    Thoughts on this colour?

    Looking at doing my own hair this colour, my hair is bleached and toned so it's pure white, I was thinking of using 10 with a spot of /66 special mix ? Anyone done this colour ?
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    Anyone tried gastric band hypnosis?

    Been hearing a lot of this recently has anyone tried it or know of anyone who has? Xx