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    Silver / grey help

    You could use the 7/89 which is grey or the illumina 8/69 and pastel for a silver grey, hair is best being pale yellow to achieve this xx
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    How can I get this color?

    Did you pre pig before doing the level 5 in foils? As this will cause it to fade fast, the colour above I would say maybe colour touch 8/73 x
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    Hair extension course help/info

    Oakley academy or studio 58 x
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    The clients she gets are the exact clients I WOULDNT want, keep your standards high xx
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    Before and after - hair extensions

    This is stunning, do you mind me asking how you achieved this, was it already coloured extensions or did you use a blend etc ? Xxx
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    Burnt scalp

    Milk over the scalp is good DIY way to soothe scalp but would still advise you go to a chemist or doctor to check x
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    Need a help on sorting a problem which occurred with make-up practice!

    Sorry just meant hooded lids this bloody phone changes it to kids lol x
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    Ridiculously bad at eyelash extensions

    Have you thought about doing a one to one course, this could pin point areas that your maybe lacking in with the treatment xx
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    Best bleach?

    I use blondor for scalp bleaching and igora vario for everything else. I love blondor for scalp as it's so gentle x
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    Name help

    Extend & beyond xx
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    Wella 22/0 and 10/1 to make a slate grey (edited)

    Use the ct 7/89 with the 1.9% developer x
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    Wella 22/0 and 10/1 to make a slate grey (edited)

    Only used the 7/89 couple of times always been nice, colour touch is a quasi , a semi or quasi is better for toning as it grabs the hair better x
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    Colour help

    Never used igora is that a permanent? If so you should have used a semi/quasi as this would have stuck better. Also did it lift to a red-copper as this might still have been too strong for you putting a light brown over it xx
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    Need a help on sorting a problem which occurred with make-up practice!

    I prefer using a gel liner. I think the problem here is the eyeliner is way too harsh for this lady's age and skin. She has hooded eyelids which then make flicks very hard. I would have used a brown kohl pencil for this to make it softer as the harsh black making her eyes appear smaller. Try...
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    Wella 22/0 and 10/1 to make a slate grey (edited)

    What about using colour touch 7/89?
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    Hair extension disaster (advice needed)

    More to the point they haven't colour matched your rings, hence the bright rings on the dark roots xx
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    How many lipsticks?

    Hi thanks to both of you for replying, yes iv been trying to get the main colours and have got few bold colours just incase, I will just keep expanding on this thanks il have a look at the mac palettes, I have heard it's not good to melt lipsticks down as it interferes with the ingredients don't...
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    Rosacea & make-up?

    I applied a clients make up at the weekend who suffered slightly from this, I applied a green based concealer to the area first x
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    How many lipsticks?

    Hi all I am trying to build up my make up kit and just wondering how many lip colours you all have in your kit?
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    Help creating grey tone

    I normally apply it to dry hair of it doesn't grab, what about adding some special mix with the ct? X