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  1. leesse

    Hvlp 5008

    Hi, I'm looking everywhere for a replacement 5008 machine. Do you know where I can get one from or is Nouvatan the only suppliers. Im a loyal Nouvatan customer and am happy to purchase from there but can't even compare on price to get a good deal (and I've sadly just missed out on their fab...
  2. leesse

    Shellac problem!

    Good point here - I've got the same problem as above with tiny "gritty' bits so will switch to lint free pads and keep my fingers crossed!
  3. leesse

    Swarovski prices?

    Aw thank you very much for taking the time to post the link, I will look now :-)) x
  4. leesse

    Swarovski prices?

    Just wondering if you charge per crystal or per nail etc?? I'm fairly new and don't want to over/underprice. I've been asked to do a full Swarovski pedicure but have absolutely no idea how much to charge on top of a normal pedi price?!?! Any help would be appreciated thank you <3 x
  5. leesse

    Just a bad day

    Aw hugs. We are our own worst critics sometimes! But the positive here is that the next set looked fab! Don't dwell on it too much, tomorrow is a new day. I'm sure you will do an extra fab job when she comes back for her next set! Hugs xx
  6. leesse

    Best place for glitter tattoo kits?

    Very interesting - I'm going to look into this as my beauty room is right next door to a dance academy and gymnastics studio !! Mmm glitter tattoos fab idea thanks! &#128515;
  7. leesse

    Waxing course recommendation Manchester

    Hi, please could you pm me joe90's website/ contact info as I'm looking for a waxing course ? Thanks, Lisa x
  8. leesse

    Fragrance for Anastacia Steele

    Good point sunflower42!
  9. leesse

    Fragrance for Anastacia Steele

    I believe it is, going to pop to a department store at the weekend for a sniff !!!
  10. leesse

    Portraying a relaxing nail room....oils? fragrance?

    Great question, I'd love to know this too ... Sorry I can't help but I'm eager to read replies! X
  11. leesse

    Rental negotiation

    Thank you so much, that would really be appreciated ! My email is Thanks again for all your guidance !
  12. leesse

    Rental negotiation

    Thank you for your speedy reply ! £x per day plus 10% commision for him on clients he refers sounds good ! Thanks for the idea on working out my costs too - hadn't thought of doing it that way so will do a bit of homework and work it all out. There is parking, his cafe and studio has a large...
  13. leesse

    Wow all these beauty treatments are addictive ! Now trained in Eyelash Extensions, Spray...

    Wow all these beauty treatments are addictive ! Now trained in Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tanning, Acrylic Nails and Shellac Nails ! Looking at doing a waxing course now and looking to open up a beauty room within the very near future ! !!
  14. leesse

    Rental negotiation

    Hi, Im looking to rent a beauty room in a new premises where client base potential is rather large, no other competition within walking distance. The landlord wanted 50/50 profit split, but I wanted to do a daily rate, I suggested £20 (bear in mind im mobile at the minute and doing it...
  15. leesse

    Fragrance for Anastacia Steele

    Hi, just for a bit of fun, im wondering what shower wash/body lotion/fragrance you think Anastacia Steele would wear, given that Mr Grey has found her scent so irresistable ............. (id love to smell that good !)
  16. leesse

    Refuse to do her nails again!

    Oh yes, sounds very familiar! My 14 year old daughter doesn't treat her nails with the respect they deserve either!!! I've refused to do them until she can look after them ! :-))
  17. leesse

    Best way to word a "new service" text?

    Thanks beautygirl1977 (my year of birth !!) that's perfect wording! &#128522; x
  18. leesse

    Best way to word a "new service" text?

    Evening fellow Geeks, I've just gained my confidence in shellac after practicing on family and friends for a while. I'm now ready to send a text message and Facebook status update for all my existing clients - wanted something catchy - any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'm offering it as a...
  19. leesse

    What would you do?

    Thats brilliant and so easy ! thank you !:biggrin:
  20. leesse

    What would you do?

    Thank you. Never thought about Paypal or bank transfer ! Paypal is a great idea as i pay for lots through paypal ! Do I just need her email address to send her a paypal invoice then? Would be good to know for future reference in any event ! x