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  1. asteropi

    Lashes falling out

    Are we talking about your own real lashes or extensions?
  2. asteropi

    No soak gel?

    I’m amazed you even considered starting a gel course ciderella!! I thought you were a die hard acrylics fan!!
  3. asteropi

    I have a question, help!

    No need to lose her as a friend. There is nothing a reasonable discussion can’t solve
  4. asteropi

    I have a question, help!

    If she’s the decision maker and considers you her friend, then I’d try talking to her about doing things your way. Something along the lines that at the very least she can allow you to give it a go. If she doesn’t like it, then you can talk again in say a month. If she’s not willing to give you...
  5. asteropi

    I have a question, help!

    What’s your friend’s position in this family business?
  6. asteropi

    Which skin care brand?

    Hey I did try them and it’s an amazing product. I got a small set for home care and it had fabulous results. Pity I finished them. I don’t work at that salon anymore, but for as long as I did they had great retail income. Their serums especially sold a lot and they are definitely worth it.
  7. asteropi

    The dreaded naming of your business

    Indeed I too like Beauty & Beast
  8. asteropi

    Lash lift adhesive problem

    After a lot of trials with different brands, I’d suggest Wimpernwelle glue. Sticks fast and lashes stay stuck throughout the process. Definitely worth a try. They even have a 5-sets try me kit you can buy, very reasonably priced. The rest of the process and timings are pretty much the same as...
  9. asteropi

    Falling out of love with Gelish!

    Lots of professionals-only brands out there. Cnd, Ink London, cjp, CalGel, Biosculpture etc etc are but just a few out there. Just do a search here, get yourself some try-me kits and decide what suits you best
  10. asteropi

    The dreaded naming of your business

    What treatments are you going to offer?
  11. asteropi

    Purple lashes?

    I think Lashbase does purple lashes but I don’t know if it’s the size you are looking for. They do have international shipping. Can’t hurt to have a look.
  12. asteropi

    4th offense unlicensed?

    Since she was found out once, it was bound to happen again... This was no accident. Why didn’t she go to get her license? It can’t possibly have cost more than she paid at her fines!
  13. asteropi

    NSI doesn’t like me?

    I once confused my bottles and tried to sculpt with acetone... just like you it went jelly-like and wouldn’t set. It’s probably that.
  14. asteropi

    Sore/weak nails from home manicure

    Have you had any kind of training at all? If not, I suggest either to go on training to learn how not to cause such damage to your nails Or stick to the professional who used to do them for you and quit experimenting at the expense of your nails To the problem at hand, there is nothing really...
  15. asteropi

    Filed my nail away, help

    Once filed away, nails can’t be restored to their previous condition. You just have to wait for it to grow off. Lots of solar oil in the meantime.
  16. asteropi

    Is this an allergy? (not my work!)

    Really blurry pictures She needs to go to the doctor’s but from what I see I think it’s damage, not allergy Perhaps she overbuffed it? There is healthy nail growing at the back. Were this an allergy, it would probably be all over.
  17. asteropi

    Brush for maximum nail adhesion

    Try ink London's then I have their #8 and it's AMAZING! Love love love it! Wayyy better than CND's They have 3 liquids themselves, and it works well with all 3, it might be worth to give it a try!
  18. asteropi

    Business name

    well JM Lashes certainly don't tick those boxes. And I'm guessing it's your name(s). It's fine to want your name on your company name, especially if you are heavily involved in it, but sometimes it just doesn't suit your needs. It's not even about one or two words, it's about the message you...
  19. asteropi

    Brush for maximum nail adhesion

    Try the Naio Nails brushes? I haven't tried them tbh. But common sense says if they've got the liquid, then they should have the brush to go with
  20. asteropi

    Business name

    J lashes reminds me mostly of the curve so I would steer clear of that JM lashes doesn’t really say anything in particular. It’s not confusing but it’s not lush either. What do you want your brand to convey?