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  1. AshLovesTanning

    Prices for services that aren't that popular?

    Hi girls, Just wondering how much you charge for spray tans, gel nails or services in general that arent so popular anymore to get clients in? I have seen my local salon charge €30 for a full set of gel nails and a salon in Dublin City centre charge €55, I know its also location, but people...
  2. AshLovesTanning

    So Sue Me spray tan

    Hi girls, Has anyone used So sue me spray tan? Looking to buy it but want opinions first. Not usually one to buy from celebrities but need something new to try
  3. AshLovesTanning

    Prolong your spray tan

    As it's summer now, I feel the need to say the contrary on how to make your spray tan last longer. Prolonging your spray tan does not start with moisturiser but with what cleanser you use in the shower. Moisturiser moisturises dry skin, but if you use harsh cleansers in the shower that are...
  4. AshLovesTanning

    Shower after spray tan?

    What's everyones fav shower wash for after a spray tan, alot of people say Dove is bad for a tan but I love it. It does not strip my tan at all and contains no sulfate. What do you prefer?
  5. AshLovesTanning

    I don't think it's possible

    So I went on a spray tan workshop a week ago, and myself and a few girls were talking about the industry and how current changes affect the money we make. I myself don't feel it's possible to make a full time job and a living from doing spray tan alone, with the weather being a factor and sun...
  6. AshLovesTanning

    Help with skin care products?

    So I need all you professional beauty skin care experts to help me. From cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye creams and so on... Tell me which one or two you think is the most important things to do for skin care
  7. AshLovesTanning

    Spray tan machine

    Has anyone had this problem: You do a full body spray tan and solution shoots out of the back of your machine where the wire is?
  8. AshLovesTanning

    Tanning pregnant women?

    Would you?
  9. AshLovesTanning

    Feeling defeated

    I'm really unhappy with Moroccan tan lately. It's not developing on me at all over the past month! Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. AshLovesTanning


    Can anyone tell me about this tan. The contact number is not in use! So helpful lol Thanks!
  11. AshLovesTanning

    Gold or brown?

    What colour tan do you girls prefer? Gold? Brown? Olive? I prefer Olive but I feel like gold tan looks quite fake... as an Olive tan is a natural tan?
  12. AshLovesTanning

    Feeling like giving up?

    I've been reading a few threads about months being really slow and what to do about it. I know September is going to be slow due to cost of school expenses. Although I was fully booked at the start of September because of the debs... I do advertise on social media as well as Done deal and...
  13. AshLovesTanning

    Coconut oil?

    As a matter of interest, has anyone used coconut oil to clean or moisturise their skin with a spray tan on? If so has it had any negative effects on your tan?
  14. AshLovesTanning

    Hard work

    When you first started of in your business, how hard did you have to work to build it? What did you do that you went out of your way for clients?
  15. AshLovesTanning

    Help! Champagne Tan

    Can anyone tell me where can I find Champagne Tan?
  16. AshLovesTanning

    Mobile costs

    So I was thinking of charging for mobile services for petrol. Can anybody tell me how much they charge for area's far from them? What area's do you cover? Do you charge extra for further away?
  17. AshLovesTanning

    Calling all Americans - Million Dollar Tan

    I have recently being watching some video's on Youtube of Million Dollar Tan. I think the owner is crazy. She thinks 200mls of solution is the right amount to spray a full body! Ludicrous. I can see the overspray in the tutorial it's just wild. Have you used her machine's and tan products? If...
  18. AshLovesTanning

    Creepy calls and texts

    Ok so I feel like someone needs to say it. Lately I have been getting really creepy messages and phone calls from men looking for "extras". Does this happen to anybody else? What do you do? I have pictures online of my actual clients after a spray and these are obviously good pictures because...
  19. AshLovesTanning

    Trouble shooting *update 2020*

    This post has just been updated as of Tuesday 24th March 2020 Hi everyone, thank you all so much for reading my tanning thread. I have been gone for a few months, but am back now so would love to answer ANY questions you have. This thread is to help all beginners and experienced technicians...
  20. AshLovesTanning

    Help! Unhappy client

    So my client has rang me and the tan came out streaky on her. What should I tell her? She also had 2 showers after the rinse and used shower gel.