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  1. leesse

    Hvlp 5008

    Hi, I'm looking everywhere for a replacement 5008 machine. Do you know where I can get one from or is Nouvatan the only suppliers. Im a loyal Nouvatan customer and am happy to purchase from there but can't even compare on price to get a good deal (and I've sadly just missed out on their fab...
  2. leesse

    Swarovski prices?

    Just wondering if you charge per crystal or per nail etc?? I'm fairly new and don't want to over/underprice. I've been asked to do a full Swarovski pedicure but have absolutely no idea how much to charge on top of a normal pedi price?!?! Any help would be appreciated thank you <3 x
  3. leesse

    Rental negotiation

    Hi, Im looking to rent a beauty room in a new premises where client base potential is rather large, no other competition within walking distance. The landlord wanted 50/50 profit split, but I wanted to do a daily rate, I suggested £20 (bear in mind im mobile at the minute and doing it...
  4. leesse

    Fragrance for Anastacia Steele

    Hi, just for a bit of fun, im wondering what shower wash/body lotion/fragrance you think Anastacia Steele would wear, given that Mr Grey has found her scent so irresistable ............. (id love to smell that good !)
  5. leesse

    Best way to word a "new service" text?

    Evening fellow Geeks, I've just gained my confidence in shellac after practicing on family and friends for a while. I'm now ready to send a text message and Facebook status update for all my existing clients - wanted something catchy - any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'm offering it as a...
  6. leesse

    What would you do?

    Hi Geeks, im a mobile beautician and just wanting a bit of advice really..... Had a call two days ago from a new client wanting EE. I said they are normally £65 but on offer at £45 this month. She booked in for tonight at 7.30, I took her name, address and landline number as she said she...
  7. leesse

    Have you used Strip Lash Applicator?

    Hi everyone, ive been having a nosey on the internet tonight and have seen an item called Fake Eyelash Applicator for applying strip lashes. Looks like you basically grip the lash strip with the applicator and apply the glue with the free hand then pop it in place. Looks quite simple and...
  8. leesse

    Gutted can't get practice on acrylics

    Im posting this for a bit of advice really. I did an acrylic training course last month, and am pleased to say I passed. I had to do three sets to show my trainer plus the practical on the day and written exam. Thing is, I've only had chance to do one set on my sister (who lives 20 miles away)...
  9. leesse

    Teaming up with Ann Summers

    Hi all! After reading another thread on here yesterday about thinking outside the box and writing to local businesses/schools/doctors surgeries etc offering treatments at close of business I got my brain in "go" mode and came up with this idea. I have a friend on facebook who does Ann...
  10. leesse

    Vistaprint Groupon offer today - don't miss it!

    Hi, just got my daily Groupon emails and one of today's is £12 for a £60 vistaprint spend! I've bought two so I can get my new business cards printed off for next year! This particular time, it's a great deal for us Salon Geeks!!!! X
  11. leesse

    Party lash training in Cheshire?

    Hi, I'm qualified in semi perm Ee but would like to offer cluster lashes for the party season. Are there any training courses for this as I'm not sure my semi perm Ee qualification would cover cluster lashes or strip lashes for insurance purposes, plus I'd like to see how to properly apply...
  12. leesse

    Ideas for daughters 13th please???

    Hi, my eldest daughter will be 13 in November and were racking our brains for something rememberable for her and 4/5 of her friends to do. She wants a sleepover so that's why numbers are limited. She wants to go somewhere first to do something then all come back for pizza and sleepover. Any...
  13. leesse

    Acrylic or gel course?

    Hi nail techs! I've booked on a course to do nails and the trainer asked if I'd like to learn gel or acrylic. I wasn't too sure so she's asked me to confirm before my training day. Which are the quickest to pick up technique wise? Also, I'm mobile so I would have to opt for the ones which I...
  14. leesse

    Help, can't get anyone in for tans

    I love spray tanning and have advertised on Facebook but just can't get any new bookings. I'm mobile and have advertised tan parties etc. I'm charging £15 which is the going rate in my area. Gutted as I want things to get off the ground. Any ideas? Thanks, Lisa x
  15. leesse

    Glamour EE guide needed please

    Hi, I've got my Ee technique and speed up to scratch but need a quick step by step guide on length, thickness and curl from outside to inner lash which will produce a perfect glamour look. I've read lots of threads but it does get a bit mind boggling!! I would find it really really helpful if...
  16. leesse

    What do you carry your equipment in?

    Hi, just looking for a suitable case to carry my maximist, spare tubs and bottles of tan in when doing a mobile spray tan. Obviously I don't want to be backwards and forwards to the car!! Any ideas? Thanks! Xx
  17. leesse

    Can't decide between two samples - please vote

    I am desperate to get out there spray tanning and have tried numerous samples. I've narrowed it down to two popular brands, Sienna x and nouvatan. Problem I's I'm stuck now between the two. Both go on lovely and look brilliant. Plus for Sienna x is that it had a coconut scent which was lovely...
  18. leesse

    Has anyone shopped with Fresh Indulgence?

    Hi everyone, been shopping around for a good while looking for a maximist HVLP 5008. Ive narrowed it down to two, one being with brown gorgeous and the other being with Fresh Indulgence. There is about £70 price difference (both items have a tent and machine with 12 month warranty. they are...
  19. leesse

    Tan party patch test ????

    I'm doing my first tan party next Friday for 10 ladies, just wondering how on earth I would go about doing a patch test?? The host lives 30 mins away and some of the ladies attending live 30mins further on!! Do you advise dabbing solution behind the ear whilst I'm setting up? I know that it's a...
  20. leesse

    Spray tan for dance groups question

    Hi, I'm looking at going into dance classes to offer spray tans before comps etc. However, I know these girls/boys like to be very brown and most spray tans have a 6/8 hour development time. Therefore, what do U suggest a) doing them the day before b) is there a spray instant tan?? Thanks Lisa