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  1. G

    Warm weather trouble with L&P

    Hi all, I need some help please! I have been having trouble with acrylics, will the warm weather affect the harding time? I've changed from a medium speed to slow, but it still seems difficult to pat, pull and press. What am I doing wrong please x
  2. M

    Advice for nail tech/eyelash tech training in Ireland

    Hi all, bit of background - have worked for many years as a hair extensionist, mainly out of a family hair salon in Spain. I have been back in Ireland since the Covid and am planning on staying here until early next year when I will return to Spain. I love my job with hair but I have always...
  3. M

    Beginner problems with nails lifting

    Hi there, I'm currently using The Edge acrylic system but as I'm a beginner I've only being practicing on friends and family who are mostly all saying that after a few days after application there is lifting on 1or 2 nails. I have tried being more thorough and taking more time on my prep to...
  4. L

    Beginner nail tech help

    Hi! I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out with a few questions I have about becoming a nail tech :) I have enrolled in a level 2, 2 week acrylic nail course with Candor Professional Beauty Academy (CPBA) which is a government funded course. Once qualified it will give me the...
  5. BoohShiner

    Glam and Glitz vs Young Nails

    I’m looking to buy a new monomer and I’m trying to compare these two brands. Do you have an opinion on which is better? Please help if you’ve tried either or better yet both! Ty
  6. E

    Acrylic nail starter?

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone would care to assist. I was booked in to start my Acrylic nail course a in March but due to Covid-19 it has had to be pushed back ( totally understandable) I have completed all my online training but have yet to do any practical. I am looking for an Acrylic kit...
  7. Lillyb

    Nail courses

    Hello, I have always wanted to do beauty and recently had a baby so I think it's the best time to start now. I want to do a course in nail extensions, acrylics, powder etc. I cant seem to find a good course however I have come across the beauty academy but the reviews are a little mixed could...
  8. J

    Starting mobile technician business

    Hello everyone, I’m due to start my mobile nail technician business next month and I was wondering what people’s set ups are. Do I need to buy a usb nail lamp and plug it into a portable charger? Or do people just plug their lamps into a wall? I also need advice on how to promote my business...
  9. S

    Acrylic infill on Polygel nails?

    Can you infill polygel nails with acrylic? I'm having 50/50 answers off nail tech friends and the place I qualified so thought I would ask here!
  10. R

    Why is white acrylic much harder to use than other acrylic colours?

    I use the NSI system and find that the white acrylic can be very difficult to use. It is very sticky to work with and clogs up my brush very easily. I use it the same way that I use my pink and clear acrylic however I don’t experience the same problems as I do with the white.
  11. D

    Newly qualified nail tech looking for brand reviews!

    Hi all, Very newly qualified nail tech deciding what brands to choose to offer my clients. Currently using 'The Edge' acrylic and 'MyGel' gel polish that I used during training but not a fan. What are the best acrylic companies? For liquid and powders, my tutor got me 'The Manicure Company'...
  12. L

    Acrylic nail pain, help!

    so i’ve had acrylics for about a year. my friend does them. i’ve never had a problem. i love them because they stop me from biting my nails. however, i’m on vacation right now for a few weeks and needed a fill, so i went to a reputable place to get the fill done. a few nails were chipped and to...
  13. J

    Nail tech filed through my nail plate!

    I got my nails done at a home salon, and when she was filing the acrylic down the sides of my nails, it was super painful and started to bleed on 2 fingers, so I asked her to stop. Low and behold, after further inspection, I realized she had literally filed through my nail! There was a raw hole...
  14. B

    Acrylic nails advice

    Hello! I’m a newly qualified nail technician (March) and was recommended a few company names for products to trial once qualified, but I wanted to know what your thoughts were. I’m still really struggling with the process and although the end product looks good, I’m finding that my clients nails...
  15. S

    CND training?

    Just wanted some information on the CND acrylic training! If you have done it, was you a complete beginner? (No experience) How much did you learn from the course and if the content was good !! I’m really skeptical about acrylic courses, and the cnd one is mentioned a lot! Just not sure if it’s...
  16. brybeex

    Lifted acrylic

    Hi all, :) I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on the following and point me in the right direction. I have a particular nail client who's nails either break or lift in a matter of 5 days. Other clients nails lasts weeks on end! She likes to have stiletto nails, small/medium...
  17. P

    Additional training?

    Hi I’m just wondering what people would recommend with regards to acrylic nail courses. I have 3 options: 1 Do I take a course via college and get my level 3 NVQ with VTCT. 2 Or do I learn through a private training company where I pay out.. Or 3 hope that an employer will want to teach me...
  18. N

    ASP In Control Gel

    I’ve just bought the ASP in control gel and I’m just wondering if it is classified as gel nails or acrylic ? I’m qualified in gel nails but usually use Indigo products so I know what I’m buying but a little clueless this time! Thanks
  19. K

    Moving away from extensions

    Hi everyone. I’m currently trained in gel extensions and gel nails. I’m not really enjoying working with hard gel I just can’t get the shape right! Does any think L&P ( acrylic) is easier to work with then hard gel? I’m also trained in eyelash extensions and wondering how long it took for...
  20. jen1989cuttie

    Drill and drill bits, please help!

    last year i bought a mani pro from the US and i have recently snapped off my drill bit in the handle. I was wondering if anyone has ever done this before and where did they get a new handpiece. I've been looking on the internet and i came across 'salon services' and they sell the hand piece...