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  1. E

    Bleach highlights after lockdown

    Hello, I am getting my hair bleached after lockdown and I have about 2 inches of regrowth. My base colour is a 3/4 and I normally go to a level 10 before having a toner. I never normally have this much regrowth though and I’m worried the overall colour won’t be as bright as I want because of...
  2. F

    Overcharged hairdressing prices?

    Hi everyone. I go to a lassie that I’m sort of mates with for my hair.... I don’t expect friends and family discount but still think the price I pay at home compared to the salon is a lot and need some advice as not sure if I should go back? When she’s in salon with me she does like blow dry...
  3. B

    Lifting Koleston 5/77

    Hi all, Bit of advice really, I coloured my hair 5/77 a couple of months ago forgetting that Koleston always goes darker than the chart on my hair. It went almost black so I just left it in hope it would fade. Its still pretty dark l, around base 5, and I'm hoping to get back to a more natural...
  4. ellamayyya

    Help with hair color - level 2/3 to level 5

    Trying to achieve a level 5 warm ash-brown on my sister's level 2(3?) very dark brown virgin hair. I'm a novice at dyeing, so I'd really appreciate some help on how to go about it. Should I tint or bleach? What are the best products to use? I've attatched pictures of the current hair color and...
  5. nichuntr

    Level 5 red toned to a level 7 ash

    Hi, I have a client who currently has a Milkshake 5.87 (I think, but definitely at a level 5) and she's wanting to go to Affinage 7.2 which is very ash. How am I going to do this? Lift to higher than a 7 and tone down? Do I need to use colour remover before hand to make it easier? Any help would...
  6. Tibasaur

    Hair breaking at root from bleach

    I need mega advice please. I have very dark and wavy hair, its not coily but has a lot of bounce, is veeeeeeeery thick and I have so much hair. For the last few years, once a year I've been getting my hair bleached in salons and putting pastel pink in. There has been many issues. My hair...
  7. MagentaGirlX

    Bleaching from black to platinum

    Hi everyone! My hair: very thick, strong, semi-coarse So my hair is naturally a level 3/4... however I haven't had a full head of my natural colour for at least 10 years! It's been through the ringer with different dyes/bleaching, but I've also kept it in a very short pixie for the best part...
  8. D

    Some hair won't lighten

    I had previously highlighted hair (level 5 root, level 8 ends) and bleached my whole head to get platinum roots and some platinum strand throughout the ends but most of the ends are a dark yellow (level 9). I waited a bit and bleached the ends again and absolutely nothing changed! I use 30vol...
  9. Joevandish

    Toner ideas for 'dirty' blond

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum (well I signed up a while ago when I started training) but this is my first time posting. I've had lots of experience bleaching hair (mainly my own lol) but I'm always a little overambitious with what I can achieve using the range we stock in the salon (koleston...
  10. AJonesMobile

    Salon disaster surprisingly!

    Guys and Girls bit of a long one please bare with! Let me set the scene! o_O So for once i am the client with a problem however due to the tones left behind vs the condition of my hair i am completely stumped at what to do i know i should probably leave it alone for the best but im not happy...
  11. E

    Colour correction

    #1 Okay so my client went to another hair dresser they have dyed her mid lengths very very brass. Her ends are somewhat ashy and he roots are growing through. She wants me to get all of her hair to a multi tonal golden blonde with a slightly darker root shadow. my plan is to highlight/baby...
  12. M

    Echos/Echosline lightener, which has better lift?

    Im very new to the brand Does anyone use it? Do you find you get more lift from the blue or violet on quite a dark base?
  13. I

    Scalp bleach to balayage + Wella Color Touch Plus

    I have a client who is a level 10 (on scalp lightner) who wishes to return to her natural level (a 6) but with lighter highlights predominantly to frame hair face. My plan is to do foils (most likely a T-section) and then use a demi permanent colour in-between to smudge her roots into the...
  14. Georgiavanilla

    Virgin hair not lifting evenly, help!

    Hi, It’s my first time posting on here but I’m desperate to know if anyone else has experienced this. I studied hairdressing and have never seen anything like it. I bleached my own roots for ten years with no problem, I’m a base 4 naturally - with bleach and 12% for 40 mins and I had clean white...
  15. A

    Toner help

    Please recommends what brand toners you prefer? Im looking for a silver tone for blonde and a nice brown for a colour melt? Also what bleach/peroxide do you recommend for balayage? Please help im newly qualified.
  16. C

    Hair disaster at 4 days from prom!

    Hi beautiful lady, I'm in big trouble right now. I know I know it's not a good idea to do those things on your own but I did it (and I've done it before and it work) .so I've bleach my hair (with igora) and tone it (with wella t18) last Sunday and has you can see on the picture I had a long...
  17. L

    Peach hair

    Hello! I’m new to this site and really need the help of some professionals with hair! My hair is lifted to a level 8 at the moment, I’ve bleached it correctly and the hair is in incredible condition! I’m looking to get my hair to a beautiful bright peach! What would be the best colour ratio to...
  18. E

    Platinum blonde with dark roots

    Hey Geeks! I’m doing a friend of mines hair tomorrow, she Currently has highlights and so her hair is fairly light a base 6/7/8 in places with a dark root. She wants to go even lighter to a platinum/grey blonde, with a darker blended root. I’ve told her it’s a process and I will lift her as...
  19. I

    Toning help!

    My client previously had loreal majirel 6 with 6% oxidant on her roots to create an ombre effect. She added some more lightness to her hair at home with bleach, but has gone very ginger up top (about a 8.33). What could I use to neutralise the roots while keeping her balayage? Would a HL in ash...
  20. C

    Platinum hair color correction suggestions please!

    Hello, any suggestions on how I can color correct this? I want to use Olaplex #1 in Joico Vero K-Pak Creme lightener with the lowest amount of developer possible. I'm thinking it would be best to bleach the yellow section first, and then the roots separately. Not sure what volume I should use...