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  1. yellowmess

    Fixing bright bleached roots, gold, darker or peach (Wella Illumina)

    First: I am not a pro,... and I am only hurting myself with experimentation, and I know very basic colourist language. I am reading this forum for 3 years already, just today created an account because I need some help. I am natural 4-5 (brown to dark brown, with 1/5 gray). I am expat in very...
  2. Jencam

    Wella help please?

    Hi ...I'm hoping someone can help with my rollercoaster of a mess hair colour. I qualified as a hairdresser in 1990 but only worked a couple of years, therefore little experience. Three yrs ago I went through breast cancer ( mastectomy, chemo, radio, hormone treatment & forced menopause) &...
  3. K

    Scalp irritation after bleaching

    Hi, so yesterday I recently got my whole head bleached, and went through a lot of pain, which was made known to my hairdresser. She continued and said that it was normal. I had told her I had seborrheic dermatitis and had an extremely sensitive scalp. By the end of the session my hair was...
  4. L

    Platinum blonde to brunette: hair filling done wrong in my head

    Hi I’m new here! And I’m having a terrible issue: I have been doing my platinum blonde bleached for 3 years now and I decided I wanted to grow my hair. I had about 4 inches of regrowth. My bleach work I always did it with Olaplex tone it with Koleston illumina. As soon as I decided to go dark...
  5. B

    Warming up platinum blonde

    I have a client who wanted platinum blonde hair. we used bleach with a volume 30 on her new growth and applied to roots last. we did a second application of bleach with volume 30 and got to that nice pale banana color. we then applied wella t18 on bleached hair first and then lastly to the rest...
  6. MagentaGirlX

    Bleaching from black to platinum

    Hi everyone! My hair: very thick, strong, semi-coarse So my hair is naturally a level 3/4... however I haven't had a full head of my natural colour for at least 10 years! It's been through the ringer with different dyes/bleaching, but I've also kept it in a very short pixie for the best part...
  7. Joevandish

    Olaplex N° 1 with Wella Colour Touch

    Good evening all, Hope the quarantine isn't getting you down too much :/ I have a question about olaplex used with wella colour touch. I pre-lightened my hair today to a pale blonde and tried using a formula provided by a member here ... But weirdly the toner didn't really take- I mean, it...
  8. M

    Echos/Echosline lightener, which has better lift?

    Im very new to the brand Does anyone use it? Do you find you get more lift from the blue or violet on quite a dark base?
  9. E

    Help, over processed hair!

    I moved to a new city recently and subsequently went to a new hairdresser after some research. They had really nice pictures on their portfolio so I thought there wouldn’t be a problem. Quickly I came to realize it was quite the mistake when she applied 30 vol. bleach all over my blonde...
  10. C

    Perming coloured/lightened hair

    Hair isn't my area of expertise, so I thought this would be a good place to ask. I have been interested in getting a perm for a while, but I do have lightened and coloured hair (professionally done) so I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice or if I should just avoid it...