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  1. S

    Salon business purchase help

    I’m an existing stylist who has rented a suite for 18 years. An opportunity has presented itself to purchase an existing salon. The current business is a building with 6 rental units. The owner is selling the business, not the building, just the business. So I’d have a lease for the building...
  2. E

    Ellisons/beauty wholesale

    Hi fellow geeks 🤗 I’ve recently passed six online beauty courses... nails, pedicures, lash lift, waxing etc... i’d really like to set up a trade account with Ellisons or Sallys, but as i’ve only done online courses i’m unable to register as i don’t have a beauty nvq. has anyone got around this...
  3. sarahrose1994

    Advice for expanding your business

    Hey all. I'm looking to expand and get a second salon for my business. It is all a bit daunting if I'm honest but this is pushing me to do it even more. What are your top tips and advice that you can offer? Thank you
  4. C

    Is this legal?

    I've been doing acyrlic nails now for about a year and I would like to advertise on facebook and other places just to make a bit of extra money although I dont have any nail qualifications. I know you need them to work in a salon(I think anyway) but what about mobile? I dont want to do anything...
  5. O

    Part time nail technician, where do I start?

    Hi all, I'm currently taking the Nail Technology City & Guilds Level 2 Award. I have a full-time job (Mon-Fri) and would really like to start doing nails in the evenings and weekends. My uncle has a hair salon and has offered me a space at the back for Saturdays and I was hoping to do it from...
  6. C

    Independent salon & Covid

    I am in Pennsylvania and have a salon studio. I went independent almost 3 yrs ago. Im wondering if any other indy stylist are having a slow month & how are you handling this covid mess in business?
  7. K

    Mobile nail tech & COVID-19

    Hi there I wondered if anyone knew if mobile nail techs in Scotland are good to go back into people’s houses yet? I can’t seem to find any updates on this from Government and beauty websites. Thank you! Jacquie 🙈🥰
  8. D

    Business advice needed

    So im an mobile hairdresser and im struggling what to do i worked in a salon before Christmas but the salon owner ended up letting me go i was self employed so no problem now i don't know what to do with my self i would like my own shop but not a clue how to do a business plan any help or...
  9. Casey-Jade88

    How do I advertise my new hair extension business

    So I have just done a hair extension course which now I can offer 7 methods, but due to having no photos, how do I go about starting to gain clients. I was in beauty for over 10 years then I went and done a business degree for three years but due to an assault last year I had to have a break...
  10. C

    Just starting out, getting clients

    Hello everyone. Now that all my children are at school full time, am interested in working from home as a nail technician. I have been researching a few courses available in Perth and I am thinking that an introductory course with CND may be a good way to get started. I am particularly...
  11. F

    USA regulations on air filters etc.

    From the Ohio State board site: In any licensed salon or barber shop, the service area shall be equipped with properly maintained commercial exhaust fans or air filtration equipment that is compliant with local and state commercial building codes." When I asked the state board what that meant...
  12. N

    Saying goodbye to clients

    I've been a nail tech for 12 years and, as much as I love doing it, I've decided to close my business at the end of the year and walk away from the beauty industry for awhile. I'm leaving mainly due to stress, feeling unappreciated, and feeling like a majority of my clientele are toxic...
  13. nghtshd3

    Looking for mobile start up advice

    Hey, thanks for checking out my thread :) xo The process of being self employed is so tricky. Thankfully I had the opportunity of lots of help with my business plan and cash flow etc, so my business plan just got approved today which is epic! My business cards and flyers arrived the other day...