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  1. H

    End of employment

    Hi please can someone help me! Does anyone out there have contracts by NHF? I have a contract with them but I’ve lost it. Would like to know what the recommend notice period is. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Cnbmakeup

    Rent a chair salon contract

    Looking for some advice on providing my salon girls with a rent a chair contract. How do I make it legally binding. Surely I can’t just type up a contract myself and have them sign this. Any help will be much appreciated ✨
  3. J

    Renting my beauty room

    Hi guys I'm renting my beauty room for £30 a day including all bills , washing, booking her appointments. She has to use her own products And I have insurance for her for the first year. Anyway do i need to do a contract for her incase vat/tax man pays me a visit? I have no idea. Thanks in...