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  1. xkayla_herex

    Dermaplaning & peel stings

    Hi I done a dermaplaning and face peel on myself and when Idone the peel my face stung and felt like it was really burning. I have done the peel few times before but it was the first time with dermaplaning. I used the dermalogica pro peel I done the following: Double cleanse Dermaplaning...
  2. N

    Babor or Dermalogica for skincare?

    Hello ladies, I would like to ask you for help Im deciding for the skincare brand to start use. Im 30 years, mixed skin and pretty good skin shape :) i would like to ask you, which from Babor or Dermalogica brand you recommend more
  3. Lynne Baker

    Salon brands selling out

    I see that two major brands have decided to either pull out of salons and spas, or allow their retail products to be sold online on high street shop websites. I also see that there is an understandable amount of fury from existing stockists especially just before Christmas. I wonder if people...
  4. Lynne Baker

    Acne treatments and products

    Now this is an interesting development. Many of us will have described our facial treatments as being suitable for treating acne, we're told this by our manufacturers and so we pass it on to our clients. We advertise on our websites, flyers, social media etc that we have products and treatments...
  5. V

    Dermalogica start up

    Has anyone recently taken on dermalogica and know the start up costs?