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  1. P

    Mobile waxing, how do you pack?

    Hello everyone :) I was considering going mobile. I enjoy waxing a lot but have a 6 year old and I wanted to try mobile mainly for the flexibility! My current mobile waxers ... how do you try to pack lightly? how is your set up? do you use a message bed? I saw a youtube video where the girl...
  2. F

    USA regulations on air filters etc.

    From the Ohio State board site: In any licensed salon or barber shop, the service area shall be equipped with properly maintained commercial exhaust fans or air filtration equipment that is compliant with local and state commercial building codes." When I asked the state board what that meant...
  3. Kyra Kendall

    Lash tech wanting to offer facials?

    Hi! I have a friend that told me that I can offer facials with all-natural ingredients homemade products without being certified or going to school for it. Is that true?? It will actually be just a facial scrub and/or face mask.