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  1. G

    Microblading percentage

    So I’ve just opened my first ever salon in October (now closes due to COVID) I have been wanting to get some in who does microblading... How much percentage do you take from the microblader? Or is it a weekly rent? I was thinking it’s 20% from each client you take as the owner. Is this...
  2. J

    Tint consultation form-help!

    Hi everyone if someone could help me I would really appreciate it!! I’ve been looking at some different consultation forms for HD brows (tint) and I can’t seem to find any ones that are for that?! I’ve seen some people make there own is that a thing or would you not be covered for making your...
  3. freya1234567

    Brow lamination over microblading

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knows if you can do Brow Lamination over previously microbladed brows? They were done in April so I’m presuming it would be ok, but I can’t see anything about it either way, so if someone knows that would be great. Many thanks
  4. E


    Hi, I’m looking to start a new business. Sick of working for someone else and I’ve always had a flare for beauty but never decided to follow that route. I’ve found a few course that are all fully credited and come with a level 4 certificate which each take 6 months to complete. I was wondering...
  5. Carly Nelson

    Beauty room available to rent in Penkhull, stoke on trent

    Beauty room available from 23rd July. The space • A bright, newly decorated beauty room & shower room. • Shared reception room & staffroom. • Storage area • Disabled access • Parking, as well as a bus stop outside the salon. • Easy road links to Newcastle (5 mins), Hanley (8 mins) and Stoke (5...
  6. G

    Brow mapping/waxing course

    Hi does anyone know a good brow mapping training course to do in Glasgow? I am already trained in beauty therapy, waxing etc but would like to do a refresher course in brow shape.
  7. N

    Kb pro or finishing touches for SPMU training

    Hi Everyone, I am new on here and looking for advice and help. I am looking to train in SPMU for brows and Microblading. Has anyone trained in Finishing touches or Kb pro. I am making a complete career change and need to make sure I am making the right decision and would love some advise based...
  8. Alice Lily

    Sienna X brow products

    Hi everyone I’m just looking to find out if anyone has tried the new Sienna X brow products and any thoughts on them?
  9. F


    Hello everyone, I am interested in gaining qualifications in the UK to practice microblading, as well as tattooing: lips, eyebrows... I trained in Thailand, as a foundation, and I would like to gain UK qualifications now. Can anybody recommend a company to train with, please? After a quick...
  10. A

    Microblading mobile

    Hello I just got contact from K.P brow who said that I'd have to be in a shop or rent a room to do microblading and I wouldn't be able to do this mobile? Is this correct or is this something they maybe have to suggest for their own public liability... Thanks
  11. 505808x

    Microblading help

    Hi I have had my eyebrows microbladed and I had my 2nd session (the top up) 13 days ago. I am very worried because last night I was cleaning my brows and lightly combing them, and a lot of dry flakes came off, some had pigment in however this didn't really effect the colour on my skin, there...
  12. Chrissie0444

    Eyebrow tint clean up?

    Hi guys I have just done my wax and tint eyebrow course and wa sjust wondering on how to clean up the tint after. I know before you put the tint on you can use Vaseline/ jelly to mark around so it don’t make a dodgy eyebrow and then also shape it with a brow stick. But was wondering what If...
  13. Chrissie0444

    Waxing, right temperature?

    Hi guys, I have just finished a brow course and I’m very new and not done nay brows except mine and my partner. I’ve waxed my brow ( went sore and is now scaling ) and waxed my boyfriends brow and his was red for a bit. I’m not sure if I am getting the right temperature or I’m not stripping...
  14. Chrissie0444

    Double dipping!

    Hello guys, I have just passed my advance brow course today and I was told not to double dip! I got home and done mine and my partners brows and I realised I double dipped on both of us! I have just put the whole tub of wax in and I feel so silly and the trainer said no double dipping so many...
  15. A

    Long-lasting brow tint

    Im using Hi-Brow tint which only lasts about 5 days to 1 week. Can anyone recommend me a good brand of tint that lasts for a long time please? I have used belmacil tint for lash lift but haven't been able to use it for brows as the only colour i have is blue-black, is it worth buying different...
  16. L

    Help needed! - Beauty Therapist LVL2

    Good afternoon ALL, I'm new in here. I've just qualified my beauty therapy lvl 2 (going on LVL 3 in seprember). But, I have had many doubts on all the treatments that I can offer, where to start from, the main thing when I finish my LVL 3 is faicals as I love doing them, in the mean while, I...