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    Classic eyelash extensions, advice needed!

    Hey, i’m new to this site so i hope i am asking in the correct place. I am a new qualified classic eyelash extension technician but feeling really disheartened with my progress. It’s currently taking me 4 hours to do a set and i’m not managing to lash all of the natural lashes! I’m doing friends...
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    Lash tech has become sensitive to adhesive

    Hi My colleague has recently become sensitive to lashing - we use Power adhesive from Luxury Eye. Her eyelid swells and becomes really itchy. It’s only the one eye but it is quite bad. She does not wear lash extensions and is a glasses wearer so has a slightly reduced exposure. Antihistamines do...
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    Best sensitive/hypoallergenic eyelash adhesive for volume lashes

    Hi I'm looking for the best fast setting sensitive glue for volume lashes. i have tried a few different brands, marvel lash, flirties and they are ok for classics but volume fans just close. Has anyone came across a really fast setting sensitive glue? Any recommendations would be greatly...