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    Lashing time

    Hi, so I started lashing in March 2020 just before lockdown, and I’m finding it hard to increase my lashing time. It currently takes me 3-4hrs to complete a set. I’m not really having trouble getting all the lashes. I manage to get nearly 100% lashes covered, and my sets look great. But I’m not...
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    Do you lash every lash?

    I wish there was a forum for lash extensions, we’re growing exponentially. Anyways, my question is if you lash every single natural lash? (Excluding baby lashes) I have a habit of always lashing every adult lash and my sets/fills can be lengthy if you have a lot of lashes. I lash every lash in...
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    Best eyelash extension glue?

    Hi, I've recently trained in classics, however, I'm using the Lashbase glue from their starter kit, it does not work! I've tried everything i.e making sure the humidity is right etc, but it doesn't stick. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem with Lashbase glue, and if anyone...