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  1. S

    Allergic to gel on fingers but not toes

    Hi, I’ve been doing my own nails with gelish for about a year and everything worked fine. I then damaged my nails by removing the gel wrong so I took a break for 5 months to give my nails a rest. Now that I’ve started using the gel again I seem to be reacting to it. My cuticles get itchy as...
  2. nailsbyardelle

    Spring Nails / Watch Me Work Nails

  3. K

    New Nail art tool?

    I follow a nail art company on Instagram and noticed they had posted a hand held LED flashlight, with a silicone pad on the end of it used for “inlay” to freeze whatever flower or butterfly etc that you’re looking to top coat over. •You put topcoat or gel down on the nail •Put the flower or...
  4. D

    Nail systems?

    hi everyone. I am level 2 and 3 beauty qualified and also qualified in gel polish. I currently use ink London for my gels. however I'm going on to do a nail tech course level 3, and was wondering to those who do acrylics and gel enhancements do you use a one brand system or separate ones? I...
  5. S

    Critique Critique gel nails

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone would critique these gel nails. Over lockdown I learnt how to do gel nails and this is the first time that I have done them ( I done them on myself). I feel pretty happy with them. I love the colour! I chose a classic timeless deep red. Ithink I need to...
  6. G

    Gel polish and acrylic brands?

    Hi everyone! I’m opening a salon next month (I know call me crazy!) I need some help with what GEL POLISH brand to use? And acrylic brands? I’m not a fan of as it’s never lasted on me, I’ve been looking at getting the Gelish brand but I’m open to looking into any! Obv long lasting and good...
  7. E

    Gel glitter toes

    Hi I took a break from doing nails to raise my kids I am trying to get back into it and make gel glitter toes make a comeback where I live LOL Is there a new easier way to do gel glitter toes ? I used to do Binder Gel Coat Gel coat w/ glitter Then gel Then file then shiny top coat THANKS...
  8. abbymayy

    Best lint-free wipes?

    Hi all, Having tried a few brands now, I'm still struggling to find truly lint-free wipes. I've tried some cheap brands from Amazon and most recently, the Hands Down ones from Salon Services - seemed pretty good to start with but I've noticed tiny bits of lint still appearing now and then! Any...
  9. F

    Client said nails all broke?

    I qualified in gel manicure a few months ago and have been doing nails regularly. Most clients are very happy with my nails, had a few that have had chips but admitted it was probably due to them being too harsh on hands and I’ve also had several clients with chip free nails for 2/3 weeks! So...
  10. R

    Some sort of infection in my nails/cuticles, please help

    Hi, About a month ago I had gels on and i noticed lifting on one of my finger nails. I saw all this sort of peeling and debris under the nail, so I cut it down and it looked horrible - photo attached when I removed the gel, the nail was like chalk way past the end of the free edge, it was just...
  11. Pearlmoonnails

    Halo top coat lid broken?

    Hi, I have started using halo top and base coat for my services and I can't nock the products they last really well. My issue is I am not a very busy tech as I have only been open around 2 months and only have 2/3 regular clients at the moment and I have noticed that my halo no wipe top coat lid...
  12. K

    Mixing gel brands?

    Hi! I just started doing my own gel nails at home. I went to a nail tech who did my full set, and she used the Orly builder in the pink jar to build the nails. My question is, when I go to do my fill, can I use IBD gel to build the nail back up or will it lift? I'll also be using the IBD...
  13. L

    Post gel allergy advice

    Hi everyone, About two and a half years ago, I developed a gel allergy due to applying (cheap) gel polish myself at home (badly!) I know, stupid mistake, and lesson learnt! I stopped doing that altogether, and have been using regular polish since then, and my nails have been in good shape...
  14. CassieYPN

    French gel nails advice

    Hello Just a little question about French gel nails as I am new and just starting out... How long does it roughly take you all to do a full set of French nails 1, With tips ? 2, With forms ? And if possible for more experienced techs how long when you 1st started and how long as fully...
  15. B

    Premier Gel lamp recommendations

    Hiya, I have recently swapped gel polish brands to Premier Gel, but do not know what lamp would be compatible? On their website it says to use a 48w lamp, I have had a look at the Sun UV Lamps so far. I haven't received a response from Premier Gel themselves on what brand they recommend? I...
  16. A

    Nails help

    I have been getting gel nails for 4 years now but lately the skin on my fingers are starting to burn while the gel is getting cured. My skin is hard, red and has white dots, on some areas the skin in so dry and keeps peeling off in small patches. Do I have uv burns or something? What do I do and...
  17. S

    Gellen gel nail polish

    I have recently qualified as a nail tech, I am looking to build my kit. Has anyone used the Gellen gel nail polish and would you recommend it?
  18. S

    Gel on 5 year old?

    My sister and her daughter are going on holiday for 2 weeks My sister really wants me to do gel polish nails on fingers & toes to my niece so they last Surely she is waaaay too young she’s only coming 5 years old Any advice?
  19. B

    Gel nail lamp recommendations?

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a good gel nail lamp to use? Currently using a Sensationail one however it seems to be on the blink. The polishes I use are: OPI, Gelish, Sensationail and Halo Gel therefore the lamp needs to be compatible with these polishes. Thanks Lizzie
  20. C

    Issues with lifting and breaking gel nails

    Hi everyone, I became qualified to use ProNails products last year and gave up after a few months as my confidence took a huge knock. All of my clients would lose nails or they'd all end up snapping off and I just felt that I couldn't produce a good enough set and I wasn't getting any better...