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  1. bubbliki

    Goldwell for warm blonde on level 5

    Hi everyone! I have a new client with virgin level 5 hair who would like to be warm blonde with maybe some accent highlights. I am thinking to try the 11 series….I never used this on a whole head so it kind of scares me as does any major lifting with color. I’m worried about too warm of a...
  2. bubbliki

    Blue black Goldwell

    Hi all! My client has maybe 30% grey and wants blue black. Should I try to use cover plus (demo) so it’s deposit only? She said her grey hasn’t been resistant in the past (it’s my first time coloring her hair). She wants a black color that shows blue in the sun. I’ve never had success doing this...
  3. S

    Help for adding depth into over blond highlights with Goldwell!

    Hi! So I'm doing my own hair right now. I'm naturally a level 4-5. The only color I've ever had used on me or have used myself is Goldwell, I feel it works best with my naturally mixed nationality thick and curly hair. I had all over highlights using Wella Developer & Blondor, I then added...
  4. M

    Need hair color advice involving stubborn Goldwell Elumen dye!

    Hi! I need advice, this is long overdue so I really need to finally figure out what's possible with my hair. I'm allergic to hair dye, and the only one I have found that doesn't cause a horrible reaction is Goldwell's Elumen line. I've had [email protected] applied to my hair for a long time but right now...