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  1. S

    Help with choosing a hair dye

    Hey guys, I need help with choosing the right hair dye. I want to go a dark brown ashy color. I can find here Wella Koleston, Illumina or Majirel. What color and dye do you recommend? Should I use something like a 6.16 and mix it with a 5? Waiting for your advices and attaching a pic of my hair...
  2. M

    Wella Koleston and Welloxon ratios

    Hi, home dye job coming up and my hairdresser is sick with corona so I don’t want to bother her! I have Wella Koleston 6/00 and Welloxon Perfect 6% 20 vol. is it 2 parts developer to 1 part colour, equal amounts? I don’t have a measuring tube. Does weight work with kitchen scales? I have...
  3. Pipi

    One shade darker from 5.3?

    Hi, The colour that I am using on my own hair is 5.3 and the brand is Garnier Nutrisse Creme Golden Brown. I have ordered a human hair extension in colour 5.3. Unfortunately the extensions seems to be a tiny bit darker than my freshly dyed hair. They company that I have ordered from advised...
  4. M

    Majicontrast pure copper dupes, help!

    Hi everyone, I've been using majicontrast pure copper on a client for well over a year now and I'm really struggling to source the colour. My suspicion is that it's been discontinued ( please say it isn't so!) as I cannot find it at any of my usual suppliers or further afield through the likes...