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  1. Blackxs

    Hard gel extensions not full coverage?

    Hi, I have just completed a course in Hard Gel extensions, but something I have now noticed when practicing nails at home is that when I apply my gel polish ontop of the clear gel extensions is that when you hold the nails up to the light they are very see through. Is this normal with clear hard...
  2. A

    IBD hard gel advice?

    Could someone please tell me their steps for applying IBD hard gel as an overlay with a gel polish color on top? Trying to work out some kinks in my method. Thank you very much
  3. K

    How to put “no refund” politely

    I have recently switched brands and I use the entire The Manicure Company hard gel collection including lamp. Client wanted v long extensions which would already make them less stronger. She knew I was testing a new brand which was why they were cheaper. Her nails also were not in the best...