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  1. Cjh

    Dark banding

    Hi all 😊 I have one client who gets a dark band when we do her root. I’ve been applying the same colour for a year now and sometimes it does it, sometimes not. I have been applying a 55.0 with 20vol. Her hair is super thick, she has a keratin blow dry every 3 months and is a level 5/6...
  2. A

    Horrendous burnt skin on finger tips after home gel nail

    Hi guys. Let me take you back to April 2021. I did my nails using a gel nail kit that I’ve been using for 12 months, once a month with zero problems. I used a new matte top coat and the day after application I woke up with sore fingertips. This got worse the next day to the point that I remove...
  3. C

    Advice? Discounted treatments.

    Hi, sorry for the long post. I have been self employed for a few years and always give friends and family discounted treatments. All my friends and family come for regular appointments and treat themselves to facials ect. I have a close family member who I’ve never had issues with in regards to...
  4. K

    Allergic reaction? Psorisis? Help!

    Issue has been resolved.
  5. D

    Set Up

    Hi Geeks! hope all is well and your okay im looking to set up for my self in the merseyside area and was wondering if this is the right place to ask ive recently become qualified in Aesthetics and needing space to set up but not sure where to look ive looked absolutely everywhere and cant find...
  6. G

    Nano Bonds half head

    I had Nano hair extensions last night just for thickness. I have two rows I believe there is 100 maybe 125 can’t remember. But they’re very noticeable. My hair is very thin and fine so I’m wondering if a different placement would be better on my head. I think the girl did a great job but it’s...
  7. shane griffiths

    Igora Fashion lights - developer help

    Hello All I have a client who has pretty dark Asian hair (level 2) there's a bit of prexisting colour on the ends. I picked up the igora fashion lights in /89, to do a red belayage. The only issue I'm having is that my local Sally's is out of the dedicated 40 vol Igora Oil developer and it's...
  8. C

    Cuticle help!

    I had a client message me a week after having her nails done (new client) she had a bare manicure (cuticle work,hand massage,no colour) to say her cuticles have peeled since. I’ve never had this happen before can someone explain or no why this is? Photo attached! Thankyou!
  9. C

    Skin care

    Hey Everyone 👋 just a personal question. I use sunbeds and love being at the beach, I only use them in the summer and it makes me face really greasy. I know it’s a damage/protection response. I don’t want to stop using the tanning beds as I feel better when I use them, but I break out on my...
  10. C

    Bruised toenails

    Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well. I wanted to ask you all professionals here the best way to take care of my bruised toenails. I recently started doing my prep with an e-file with no prior experience. I just started practising. Last time I tried to clean the cuticle with an incorrect bit...
  11. S


    Hi everyone! I have recently started my own beauty business and have enrolled On a dermaplaning course. However I have just been researching about how to dispose of the blades (sharps box, collections etc) Can anyone help/ shed light on how this is done, is there a law in place that I need a...
  12. E

    Commission pay

    Hi everyone hope all is well and healthy So I have just started work in a barber shop and the owner has told me they work on a 60/40 percentage It’s the first time I’m working on a commission basis My question is; is it the owner who gets the 60% or the worker I’m sure it’s different with every...
  13. R

    Help, Bio sculpture Galaxy collection

    Hey, I know this might be a reach... I have used bio sculpture in the past (when I was doing my mani & pedi training the instructor was also a trainer for Bio sculpture). I have not done the bio sculpture training and well to be honest, I am not really planning to do it.. However I would...
  14. E

    Ellisons/beauty wholesale

    Hi fellow geeks 🤗 I’ve recently passed six online beauty courses... nails, pedicures, lash lift, waxing etc... i’d really like to set up a trade account with Ellisons or Sallys, but as i’ve only done online courses i’m unable to register as i don’t have a beauty nvq. has anyone got around this...
  15. K

    No access to my schedule - USA based

    Hi! im a stylist at a salon, I have worked here for two years, we use square appointments. Each stylist has access to their own schedule via their mobile device, this means we can book appointments and change them if necessary. Recently we had a couple stylists get fired and one quit, the owner...
  16. Fjo3

    Green crazy colour help!

    Hi I recently put purple crazy colour over my blonde balayage (I have naturally dark hair) and it’s gone a horrible green colour with some bright blue bits. I really want my blonde back and I have no idea how to do it. I’ve heard baking soda, ketchup (??), dish soap, but I don’t know if these...
  17. I

    Hair extension models, feeling nervous!

    Hi All, I'm currently undergoing online training course with Maxwell Melia to learn 5 different methods - LA Weave, Nano bonds, Micro bonds, Fusion bonds and tapes. I'll be honest I'm not feeling overly confident because the mannequin head is so difficult to use, I can't get straight lines...
  18. B

    Courses advice

    Hi, I have recently qualified 5 months ago in SPMU, but I really want to do more, I currently offer Ombre brows, brow treatments, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. I feel like I am not receiving the client base, I want to purchase a course that offers 14 qualifications and a free teaching...
  19. nichuntr

    Level 5 red toned to a level 7 ash

    Hi, I have a client who currently has a Milkshake 5.87 (I think, but definitely at a level 5) and she's wanting to go to Affinage 7.2 which is very ash. How am I going to do this? Lift to higher than a 7 and tone down? Do I need to use colour remover before hand to make it easier? Any help would...
  20. B

    Gel nails popping off, ready to give up and quit

    Hi everyone, I'm a nail tech in BC, Canada, who had graduated in December and is now working in a wonderful salon since March. When I was in school, I had the occasional nail fall off but nothing crazy. However, ever since I started at this salon, almost all of my gel sets have been falling...