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    Brow lamination/lash lift - time between treatments

    I've recently become trained in brow lamination and tinting, and lash lifting and tinting. I was told it was 6-8 weeks between treatments however I don't know how to tell which end of this time frame I should perform a clients next treatment without risking over processing their lashes/brows...
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    Home based (lashes)

    How much would you recommend charging for a full set of classic lashes when home based? I don’t want to lose custom from charging too high but also don’t want to short myself
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    Eyelash extension adhesives

    Hey, I have recently trained in individual eyelash extensions. The adhesive provided in my kit smells really strongly like nail glue - is this normal? Any advice appreciated. Jorden
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    But what about our safety?

    I know I can’t be the only esthetician/lash artist who is fearful to be going back to work anytime soon. Lots of people come across as being eager to return to work on here and I understand that as estheticians we have to work to live, but at what cost? No one is addressing the safety of the...