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  1. I

    Lashing time

    Hi, so I started lashing in March 2020 just before lockdown, and I’m finding it hard to increase my lashing time. It currently takes me 3-4hrs to complete a set. I’m not really having trouble getting all the lashes. I manage to get nearly 100% lashes covered, and my sets look great. But I’m not...
  2. M

    Lash tech has become sensitive to adhesive

    Hi My colleague has recently become sensitive to lashing - we use Power adhesive from Luxury Eye. Her eyelid swells and becomes really itchy. It’s only the one eye but it is quite bad. She does not wear lash extensions and is a glasses wearer so has a slightly reduced exposure. Antihistamines do...
  3. N

    Walsall Salon rental opportunities

    Hi all, I’m currently in the process of taking over a salon in Walsall. The salon is a chair/room rental salon. The upstairs area has 3 stylist and 1 beautician. I will be changing the downstairs area from sunbed stations to nails/make up/ lashes/ wig maker stations. I have 5 stations...
  4. S

    Eyelids suddenly swollen and itchy after extensions

    Hi just needing some advice I’ve been getting lash extensions for around 2 years now, I recently went to a new lash technician a few months ago and the past few times I’ve had infills my eyelids have become swollen and itchy lasting about 2-3days and then it goes down, this has never happened...
  5. makeupbyhannah

    Eyelash extensions glue problems

    Hiya, i was qualified in November 2018 and have been doing lashes since. I started off with the marvel eyelash glue and the results were amazing! Lashes were lasting up to 5 weeks! Then all of a sudden after a few weeks clients were messaging me saying they were waking up with the lashes all...
  6. C

    Beauty bed for eyelash extensions

    Hi all, I have recently set up a home salon for eyelash extensions as I recently completed the qualification and after some practice will be looking for clients. I was wondering if after every client you change the throws/blankets/covers on your beauty bed for the next client? As I am not...
  7. Sorellehairandbeauty

    Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Lash Technician wanted, Bradford

    We have 3 positions available for 1 beautician, 1 nail technician and 1 lash techinican. We have a large Beauty room, beauty bed and a nail table available to rent on a self employed basis in a new busy salon. We are looking for someone full time but open to part time. Own client base is welcome...
  8. Kyra Kendall

    Lash tech wanting to offer facials?

    Hi! I have a friend that told me that I can offer facials with all-natural ingredients homemade products without being certified or going to school for it. Is that true?? It will actually be just a facial scrub and/or face mask.
  9. lashedbyamber

    Volume lashes qualification?

    I will be a qualified lash tech on August 1st and was wondering if I needed a separate qualification in order to offer Russian volume lashes or if I could just offer them after my own practice. I wouldn't mind completing the course for Russian volume lashes, and most likely will eventually...
  10. lashedbyamber

    At home lash business

    I'm looking to start up my own at home & mobile lash business in August or September but I have a few things I need to work out first. My main problem is space: I live in a small-ish flat that doesn't have an extra room for me to set up my lash equipment in. I am aware that some lash techs set...