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  1. S

    Lash glue on eyepads

    Hi, new to the forum and already found lots of ace info. Have trained in lash extensions just before lockdown, practiced a ridiculous amount on a mannequin head during lockdown, the only thing im not happy with is when i finish a set of lashes i always have dots of lash glue on the eyepads that...
  2. H

    Eyelash help please !

    Hi everyone, so at the start of the year I went on a eyelash extension course (classic lashes). I haven’t been great with my practice, however I am now opening up my beauty room and want to add it to the rest of the services I do. So I just want to practise properly on live models so I can get...
  3. AngForeman

    What is the best lash glue for lash extensions?

    For someone who’s just starting out doing lashes and only the classic sets. I’m currently having trouble with the lashes staying on and I brush them after doing like 10-15 lashes and like 5 or more usually come off. Ive asked lash artists else where but I got a bunch of mixed reviews so I...