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  1. angrynailtech

    Acrylic, clear works but pink lifts. Help!

    Hey hey, I am using NSI acrylic system. Whenever I do clear acrylic nails they stay on well, but whenever I use pink (3 types of pinks I own from NSI) it tends to lift. The last client I did french pink and white and the nails stayed on a week and started lifting. With clear it’s not as bad...
  2. B

    Lifting Koleston 5/77

    Hi all, Bit of advice really, I coloured my hair 5/77 a couple of months ago forgetting that Koleston always goes darker than the chart on my hair. It went almost black so I just left it in hope it would fade. Its still pretty dark l, around base 5, and I'm hoping to get back to a more natural...
  3. M

    Beginner problems with nails lifting

    Hi there, I'm currently using The Edge acrylic system but as I'm a beginner I've only being practicing on friends and family who are mostly all saying that after a few days after application there is lifting on 1or 2 nails. I have tried being more thorough and taking more time on my prep to...
  4. nichuntr

    Level 5 red toned to a level 7 ash

    Hi, I have a client who currently has a Milkshake 5.87 (I think, but definitely at a level 5) and she's wanting to go to Affinage 7.2 which is very ash. How am I going to do this? Lift to higher than a 7 and tone down? Do I need to use colour remover before hand to make it easier? Any help would...
  5. C

    Client says gel polish has all come off in 2 days

    Hi I did gel polish for a client who suffers with dry skin as her hands are in water a lot with work (she hasn’t worked since I did her nails though). She asked me for some hand cream when I had finished which I gave her without thinking much of it but she has now contacted me to say it has come...
  6. brybeex

    Lifted acrylic

    Hi all, :) I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on the following and point me in the right direction. I have a particular nail client who's nails either break or lift in a matter of 5 days. Other clients nails lasts weeks on end! She likes to have stiletto nails, small/medium...
  7. S

    Gelish chipping

    I am qualified in gelish and have done a lot of nails since and I’m getting mixed results. Some people come back with 2-3 weeks no chips and others they only last about a week! My routine is - Remove any polish on the nail File nails Dry cuticle work Then buff the nail very lightly Then brush...
  8. M

    Akzentz gel nails

    Hello, I thought I would reach out to you. I’ve become Licensed Nail Technician in july, doing gels nails, acrylic no chips etc. I have a problem with gel nails with some clients. Some nails been lifting from cuticle? I do prep nails the same for all the services and I know how this is very...
  9. J

    Gel nail extensions lifting - help!

    Hi, looking for some advice and whether someone can tell me what I am doing wrong! I seem to be having a recurring problem with gel nails lifting in the same place! I use Sally's builder gel (
  10. sazmcgee

    Using CND Brisa Bond under Shellac?

    I’m having issues at the moment with clients with either oily nails or dry brittle nails having their shellac chip and lift within 7-10 days. I thought I’d found the solution with Brisa Lite only to discover it had been discontinued But would the Brisa liquid bond by CND applied under the...