1. bbcupcake

    North London councils, licence & planning

    Hi, Anyone want to share their experiences with North London councils and how they got on. I’m just about to embark on my treatment room journey** and wondered if anybody could share any pointers...will it all be worth it?!! **I’m currently considering leasing a B1 unit under Camden...
  2. F

    Room to rent London/Essex

    Hello I’m looking to rent a room in London/Essex on weekends. I will be carrying out lash treatments. I’m struggling to find a salon online. Can anyone recommend where I can look? Thanks
  3. ClaireFallowfield

    OPI manicure and pedicure course, London

    Good morning, So I have finally decided that I am going to do the OPI manicure and pedicure course, and looking at locations I think London is going to be the easiest for me to get to. But I have a couple of questions before I book onto the course. I am wanting to build up a business of...
  4. R

    Beauty room to rent in Islington

    Angel Faces Salon is looking for an individual, preferrably with their own clients to rent a beauty room. This is a professional hair and beauty salon based in London, N1 area. For further information please contact 07882532890 or email
  5. R

    Hair chair for rent in Angel, Islington

    Angel Faces salon in N1 London Searching for a new hairdresser, with their own clients, to rent one of our hairdressing chairs in our professional hair and beauty salon. Please contact 07882532890 or email
  6. technewbie

    Beauty room needed in London

    Hi all, I am looking to rent a beauty room full time either in north London or central. I need somewhere where I can do nails, brows, tanning, facials, lash lifts and possibly massage. I used to do mobile so this will be my first time renting so I will need to build my client base. Thanks