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  1. A

    Horrendous burnt skin on finger tips after home gel nail

    Hi guys. Let me take you back to April 2021. I did my nails using a gel nail kit that I’ve been using for 12 months, once a month with zero problems. I used a new matte top coat and the day after application I woke up with sore fingertips. This got worse the next day to the point that I remove...
  2. S

    L2 C&G Nail Tech

    Hello! Newbie in training here 👋 Due to complete the course in Dec but confused at which services I can actually offer when I'm qualified? I know I'll be able to do acrylic enhancements for sure as this is the enhancement we are practising. We have been shown how to do UV gel application...
  3. I

    Light elegance cleanser vs scrubfresh

    Hey! Is there a difference between the light elegance cleanser and CNDs scrubfresh? I’ve just switched to LE p+ from CND Shellac and I’m still currently using up my CND prep products incl scrubfresh and disperse. wondered what people’s thoughts were? Xx
  4. H

    Electric nail file

    Any affordable recommendations for a electric nail file to de bulk acrylic
  5. U

    Itchy nails at night?

    I’ve been getting acrylics for about two years now always at the same place. These last three times (since going back after Covid) my nails have been itching. But only at night. And only for a few days after I get them done. They aren’t red or anything. They just itch super bad.
  6. S

    Assignment problems

    So, I am in the middle of an assignment and I just don't know how to word my answer out to this question. There's nothing online to say what the legal problems are and im just a bit stuck... Question: Should you bruise a nail of a minor whilst carrying out a treatment without parental consent...
  7. T

    Clothing store with nail salon & acrylic odours?

    Hey everyone. I am planning to open a clothing boutique sometime soon and I would have a beauty station in the same hall(the beauty station would be separated from the boutique with a glass divider) The beauty station would offer make up, lash extension and nail extension services but I am quite...
  8. I

    Ink London or

    Hi everyone! I’ve posted in here a few times recently looking for advice on nail brands. I think I’ve narrowed it down to 2 - Ink London or currently I’m using CND, not finding the longevity isn’t there anymore. I’m looking for something that is straightforward to use, easy to remove...
  9. I

    The Gel Bottle (converting from CND Shellac)

    Hi! I’m looking at converting to the Gel Bottle. Currently I’m using CND shellac but I’m finding it just isn’t lasting as well as it used to :-( After a lot of research I’m looking at picking up just a few key colours from the gel bottle to start - what would you recommend? What have you all...
  10. S

    New lash technician needing help

    Hi so a few months ago I did a vtct classic lash course and since then I’ve not done anything with it besides practice of family and friends,I currently work doing hair but it’s not that side of beauty I want to do its lashes,nails etc,I’m currently doing a course in nails aswell so I can offer...
  11. N

    Becoming a nail technician?

    Hey all! I want to start my journey into becoming a nail technician however I have done so much research on courses and qualifications and cannot seem to find a clear indication on the best qualification / training provider. I am currently living in Dartford (NW Kent/SE London/Essex) - could...
  12. N

    Nail technicians wanted

    looking for Nail technicians wanting to rent a chair in salon in Birmingham (Erdington)
  13. Lillyb

    Nail courses

    Hello, I have always wanted to do beauty and recently had a baby so I think it's the best time to start now. I want to do a course in nail extensions, acrylics, powder etc. I cant seem to find a good course however I have come across the beauty academy but the reviews are a little mixed could...
  14. J

    Starting mobile technician business

    Hello everyone, I’m due to start my mobile nail technician business next month and I was wondering what people’s set ups are. Do I need to buy a usb nail lamp and plug it into a portable charger? Or do people just plug their lamps into a wall? I also need advice on how to promote my business...
  15. E

    Gel nails sticky residue

    Hi Friends, i need a little advice. I am doing my own Gel nails at home but when I tried to remove the residue using some alcohol wipes. But it removed the shine and the nail became matte. Any advice?
  16. abbymayy

    Insurance recommendations?

    Hi all, I've recently qualified as a nail tech and I'm feeling overwhelmed by all of the insurance providers out there! (Not to mention choosing products, equipment, etc) I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? My qualification is Guild accredited so I am tempted to go with them but...
  17. R

    MyLee Gel nail polish?

    Hi I’m just beginning my training however I’m looking in to what brands are best. I’ve come across Mylee Mygel and I want to know your thoughts on the product. Thanks :)
  18. Annie1991

    UV/LED combined lamp

    Hi everyone, I’m wanting to get a better lamp that is broad spectrum and so will cure a few different brands. I currently have a UV lamp but have been reading that combined lamps can be better as they will tick more boxes. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent sized lamp (can fit...
  19. C

    Help, difficult client!

    Hello, I'm a mobile tech and went to a client's house a few months ago to do a full set. Nails were fine but I had to repeatedly ask her to tell her child to stop taking things out of my beauty kit/opening pots of gel etc. She didn't seem that bothered (she even said "oops" when he picked up...
  20. A

    Nails help

    I have been getting gel nails for 4 years now but lately the skin on my fingers are starting to burn while the gel is getting cured. My skin is hard, red and has white dots, on some areas the skin in so dry and keeps peeling off in small patches. Do I have uv burns or something? What do I do and...