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    Online acrylic and gel nail course

    Hi all, I booked to do a 3 day fast track gel and acrylic course with glitterbels, but due to the COVID the dates are on hold. They have now said we can change to an online course which is cheaper, they will be using Skype and zoom so you will still be watched ect. Would you say this wil still...
  2. L

    Beginner nail tech help

    Hi! I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out with a few questions I have about becoming a nail tech :) I have enrolled in a level 2, 2 week acrylic nail course with Candor Professional Beauty Academy (CPBA) which is a government funded course. Once qualified it will give me the...
  3. B

    Online nail tech courses

    Hi all. I’m new here - I am seeking information about online nail tech courses. Has anyone completed one of these courses and gone on to offer treatments from home? I would like to train in acrylics, gel etc. I have found a number of courses online which include the kit and nail Trainer hand...
  4. Lillyb

    Nail courses

    Hello, I have always wanted to do beauty and recently had a baby so I think it's the best time to start now. I want to do a course in nail extensions, acrylics, powder etc. I cant seem to find a good course however I have come across the beauty academy but the reviews are a little mixed could...
  5. H

    Nail acrylic brand

    What’s the best brand for acrylic ? That has a range of colours ?
  6. S

    CND training?

    Just wanted some information on the CND acrylic training! If you have done it, was you a complete beginner? (No experience) How much did you learn from the course and if the content was good !! I’m really skeptical about acrylic courses, and the cnd one is mentioned a lot! Just not sure if it’s...
  7. S

    New to acrylic and need help!

    I had a few questions I would love some answers to! I’m new to the world of acrylics! I wanted to ask which would you say is easier to work with coloured acrylics OR polish on top of clear acrylics? Would you have to apply a thin clear acrylic layer under coloured acrylic wouldn’t this make...
  8. I

    Maintaining healthy nails

    Hi there! I was looking for some tips or products to maintain healthy nails after or during acrylics. I want to keep my clients nails as healthy and strong as I can, because from their experience acrylics ruin their nails in the past (I’m assuming because of their nail techs). I do not do...
  9. C

    Run away client

    Hi all, looking for some advise on how too deal with a bad experience. So, today I had a client in for a full set of acrylics. I qualified almost 7 weeks ago and my prices reflect this. She is fully aware I am new qualified and why I only charge £15. She agreed this was fine and we booked it...
  10. E

    Beginner acrylic nails help!

    Hi, Hoping someone can help! Doing my acrylic nails training soon but wanting to do some practice before hand. What are the basic items/tools I will need for acrylic nails And do acrylics require a UV lamp,Thanks in advance x
  11. E

    Recommended acrylic nail courses?

    Can anyone recommended a nail course that is going to enable me to be a nail technician? I’m already trained in gel polish and acrylic but I haven’t don’t acrylic in so long so I want to re train. I can’t find any part time courses in my area (hull). Been searching for months and still not found...