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  1. K

    Gloss treatment for natural hair gone wrong

    I had a gloss treatment put onto my hair by someone I thought I trusted. It was on way longer than it should have been and they made no effort to make me wash it out so it was on for 2h before I bothered. I didn’t know what it actually was. I wish I had read up on the stuff as I wouldn’t...
  2. R

    Back to original hair colour

    Hello everyone, I‘m trying to get back to my original hair color: And my hair currently looks like this: It’s been bleached and toned with Wella Color Touch. All the hairdressers in my country are currently closed because of Covid so I am hoping that you can lead me into the right direction...
  3. henyeboah

    $230 for color, good or too much?

    Hi, I plan to get my hair bleach and toned to a light blonde. I have dark 4C hair that has been dye(black). What is a reasonable price point? I know it will take two sessions to get that color I want. so per session is $230 a reasonable price.