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  1. E

    Ellisons/beauty wholesale

    Hi fellow geeks 🤗 I’ve recently passed six online beauty courses... nails, pedicures, lash lift, waxing etc... i’d really like to set up a trade account with Ellisons or Sallys, but as i’ve only done online courses i’m unable to register as i don’t have a beauty nvq. has anyone got around this...
  2. T

    Looking for beauticians across all areas

    Hi there! My name is Teagan and when I lost my job due to Covid I was approached by an FM business partner offering me a free opportunity. It's gone amazingly well and now I'd love to offer others the same fab opportunity! FM are a global brand selling many products including their bestselling...
  3. Elohelay

    Want to train as an Aesthetician - 33 & worked in marketing for 10 years

    Hi guys, As my title says I want to become an Aesthetician. I’m currently a digital strategist, and I’m so unhappy with my life. I have been interested in skincare and beauty since I was little, and had always assumed that when I would have children, I would pick up makeup or something, but as...