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  1. M

    Lash technician: finding people for case studies

    Hi everyone I’ve signed up to do my lash courses and I’m really excited! I was wondering how everyone found finding people to practice on for case studies and if there was any advice for finding people. Thank you!
  2. G

    Looking for beginner beauty therapists in London or salons needing practice models

    If you are a beginner beauty therapist a salon based in London that needs LIVE models to practice on please get in touch
  3. NicoleLo

    Nano rings, first client

    Hi everyone, so I have been practising nano rings on my mums hair and I was just looking for a few tips. Just wondering if anyone could tell me how they control baby hairs during application and how to ensure you have neat sections. I have a client lined up to come in for a consultation next...
  4. manicnails

    Newly qualified, practice on friends

    Hi All! I've just been qualified for gel nails, manicures, and gel tip extensions/enhancements in the UK. I was wondering what you guys would charge to friends for each of these services as I'm practising (and before going freelance)? I'd like to keep my friends as future clients, but I'm afraid...