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  1. F

    Overcharged hairdressing prices?

    Hi everyone. I go to a lassie that I’m sort of mates with for my hair.... I don’t expect friends and family discount but still think the price I pay at home compared to the salon is a lot and need some advice as not sure if I should go back? When she’s in salon with me she does like blow dry...
  2. G

    Pricing for the ultimate facial

    Soooo I’m fully qualified and have been for around 5 years now. Just opened my own salon. Already do facials but wanting to add the ultimate facial to my list, however unsure of how to do pricing. Ultimate facial consists of Cleanse Steam Extraction Dermaplaning/microdermabrasion (I have a...
  3. A

    Last lift product Elleebana

    Hi all, I’ve been trained in lash lifts & started using salon system which I didn’t get on too well with so switched to Airlift. I find I get great results however for clients who want the ‘pulled up’ lash look all my airlift lifts are always curled. I have since purchased a Elleebana test kit...
  4. Abbie's Beautyful Treats

    Mobile and treatment room price list

    Morning geeks, I’m a mobile therapist but I’m just about to start using a treatment room as well Does anyone else do this as I’m wandering if you have different prices for the treatment room and mobile? Thanks