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  1. D

    Professional skincare range

    Hey, I’m looking at getting a professional skincare range in my salon. I’ve previously used Dermalogica and ESPA but have also been looking into Environ. Can anyone give me any recommendations with reasonable start up packages etc and something that ideally retails quite well thank you
  2. F

    Favourite gel & polish brands

    Hi everyone. I have a few questions - I would like to know what professional nail polish brand is your favourite. Do you stock more than one brand, or choose to stick with one company for your colours? What about gel polish? I see that The Gel Bottle and Gelish are very popular. I am just...
  3. Jades Nails

    Brunette with blonde highlights

    Hi I trained in beauty therapy level 2 and 3 and currently work as a nail tech ( as my user name might give away aha). So I know nothing about hairdressing. Im looking to get my hair done ( I’ve never had my hair done apart from the usual trim wash and blow dry). Im a medium brunette with...