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    Renting a room 1/2 days a week

    Hi, I’m a mobile spray tanner, business is a bit slower than usual since opening back up. I’ve been sat here having a think but I don’t have any experience In this so I thought I’d post on here. I was wondering whether to write to local businesses/ salons to enquire about renting a space to tan...
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    Cleaning advice during Covid-19, who’s responsible?

    Hi, I am self employed and rent a room at a salon in the UK. I recently found out that the salon owner is having a clean done of the salon prior to opening. My room or the other private rooms rented out (still part of the salon) has never been professionally cleaned like the rest of the...
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    Beauty room/space to rent in Kent

    Hi, Completely new to all of this, don’t even know if I am posting in the right section! I am newly qualified in acrylic nails and have self taught designs etc. I will also be completely facial courses in the near future to add this to my services. I am in need of a beauty room or space to...
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    Renting a non traditional looking therapy room?

    I have found therapy rooms to rent in a busy area but from the outside it doesn’t look much like where someone would go for a treatment, it looks more like an office block. I have seen photos of the inside and they have lots of different sized rooms to cater to everyone I suppose but would this...
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    Renting my beauty room

    Hi guys I'm renting my beauty room for £30 a day including all bills , washing, booking her appointments. She has to use her own products And I have insurance for her for the first year. Anyway do i need to do a contract for her incase vat/tax man pays me a visit? I have no idea. Thanks in...