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  1. Acethetic

    Doctor requiring salon room for antiwrinkle treatments

    I'm an experienced doctor trained in injectable anti wrinkle treatments. I would like a salon room to set up base, and hoping to work alongside a professional and friendly (hair/beauty) salon. Ideally the salon would be located in London (and have excellent hygiene standards!) Happy to discuss...
  2. Nathanhayhair

    Salon chair to rent in Chelmsford town centre

    An attractive opportunity for a self employed hairdresser/colourist to rent a chair in a highly sort after location in chelmsford town centre. The location boasts many stand out features including Beautiful views over looking chelmsford cathedral/ spa and beauty services within the premises/...
  3. K

    Mobile to renting

    Hey! I’m currently newly qualified nail tech doing mobile. But I’m just not enjoying the driving, setting up, packing up, driving again. Also I just don’t feel like I can’t get the best work from someone’s dining table. I currently do weekday evenings and weekends. I’m thinking of renting a...
  4. Y

    Renting a non traditional looking therapy room?

    I have found therapy rooms to rent in a busy area but from the outside it doesn’t look much like where someone would go for a treatment, it looks more like an office block. I have seen photos of the inside and they have lots of different sized rooms to cater to everyone I suppose but would this...
  5. B

    Hiring a beauty room - advice on cost?

    Hi everyone, I am going back to the beauty industry after a few years away and looking to hire a room at a local salon.. Please could people give me an idea what a reasonable cost is for this? Percentage or flat fee examples? I am based near Bristol. Big thanks!