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  1. R

    Tech to better your business: research solutions on impact of Covid-19

    Hello there, Hope everyone is well during these very tough times. My name is Ruben Cardoso and I am currently doing a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics at the University of Bradford based in the UK and the reason why I am approaching you is because I am doing research...
  2. G

    Salon System lash lift not that great?

    I'm trained with Salon Systems for lash lift, however, I've noticed that sometimes the lift isn't as dramatic as I would like on my clients, it often looks like a small and subtle curl, even when using the small curling shields and making sure to place the lifting lotion to the root. Has anyone...
  3. BethRoberts94

    Salon Systems lash lift sachets?

    Can someone tell me if one sachet is for one eye or two please? I havent ordered yet, just trying to work out if more cost effective than the bottles? Also, can you get larger bottles or not? As I’m doing so many sets of lashes I’m running out so much faster than I intended too! Thankyou in...