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  1. K

    Gloss treatment for natural hair gone wrong

    I had a gloss treatment put onto my hair by someone I thought I trusted. It was on way longer than it should have been and they made no effort to make me wash it out so it was on for 2h before I bothered. I didn’t know what it actually was. I wish I had read up on the stuff as I wouldn’t...
  2. C

    Volume lashes and glue recommendations?

    Hi Can anyone recommend good glue for both volume and classic extensions? I’m finding my lashes are only lasting about 2 weeks and it’s needing nearly a full new set. Also who do you all use for your lashes? Premade/classics/volume trays? Thanks
  3. M


    Hello wondering if you guys can give me some help , when we do a balayage on natural hair on a level 4 , if I glaze or tone ( think both mean the same?) if I do it after I have balayaged with bleach and foiled aswell , if I apply say a semi level 9 or a 10 all over the persons hair will it...
  4. B

    Eyelash extensions coming off

    Hello everyone I have not been doing eyelashes for a long time, I can do a nice set and it takes me around 2.5 hours as this is not something I do every day. However I’ve noticed once I’ve finished my set and I brush through the clients lashes, loads of lashes come off and I’m not sure why as...
  5. L

    Eyelash extension isolation

    I am just starting out with semi permanent eyelash extensions after qualifying from my course. I am still really struggling with natural hair isolation. I am right handed and using straight tweezers is there any brand or types of tweezers recommended to help with isolation.
  6. D

    Lash glue issues

    Hi all, I’m recently new to lashing and I’m just having a few problems, I’ve noticed that it seems with the recent heatwave a lot of my clients are coming back to me saying their lashes aren’t lasting so then I’m having to correct them and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Has anybody noticed...
  7. H

    Need a new salon permanent colour brand!

    Dear All, I run a salon and I'm looking for a new good quality permanent colour that wont dry out my clients hair. Does anyone know about a cheap but good quality salon permanent colour brand? Best Hairlover2018
  8. RoseLVXHair

    Lash removal suppliers

    Hi, With SP lashes, what remover would you recommend using. I'm apart of a FB group mentioning 'Cream removers' but we didnt talk too much about types in my training, just got shown how to using the one provided in the kit. Thankyou ♡♡