1. Melodymoo

    Best start up company to use for facials?

    Good Evening fellow geeks! I am starting up my own facial business in my home salon. I am looking at finding the best brand I can use, NO MLM. I want a company that delivers real high skincare results as opposed to aromatherapy/spa etc. Thank you
  2. Melodymoo

    Facial training help

    Hello! I am a complete newbie, I’m very passionate about skincare and have decided I’d like to train in it. I’d like to offer basic facials, steam, extractions etc and then go onto dermaplane, microdermabrasion, chemical peels etc. My question is, which I’m really struggling with... what...
  3. nataliemckeemakeup

    Eve Taylor skincare

    Hi everyone! :-) I’m very interested in starting to introduce Eve Taylor products into my small salon in the new year sometime and I’m wondering does anyone know what is included in their starter salon package or if they have one? Thanks so much in advance
  4. N

    Opinions, freckles, melasma or sunspots

    Hi, opinions please, I'm fairly new to the beauty industry and still working on identifying some of the hyperpigmentation skin conditions (I'm from a nursing background, and we did not deal with pigmentation at all ) currently trying to figure out my own pigment issues! Client in photos is me...
  5. N

    Babor or Dermalogica for skincare?

    Hello ladies, I would like to ask you for help Im deciding for the skincare brand to start use. Im 30 years, mixed skin and pretty good skin shape :) i would like to ask you, which from Babor or Dermalogica brand you recommend more
  6. thelunaroom

    Skincare to offer facials

    I'm looking into brands to begin offering facials with that are reasonably priced for the first start up order but effective products. I have tried Kaeso but don't like them at all (for facial skincare). I like Eve Taylor but this brand is being used heavily in my area. Any thoughts? Love & Light x
  7. Z

    Microdermabrasion heads

    Hiya, I'm finding after the first 2 uses of my MDA heads they go quite smooth and dull - is there a proper way of cleaning them? Or should I buff them to keep them rough? Thanks in advance Zoe
  8. C

    Cruelty free skincare?

    Hey guys, Newly qualified, just starting out mobile. Does anyone use cruelty free facial skin care products mid to high range. Want to go the cruelty free/vegan route but it’s a bit overwhelming, so if you know of any? Preferably with a good following and that actually do what they say. Any...
  9. B

    Environ or Medik8?

    Hi! I'm looking to open an account with a cosmeceutical brand and these are the final 2 I'm down to. Has anyone used either one of these brands and which do you/your clients prefer? How did you find the training? I've got some great info from Environ and am waiting on some from Medik8 but feel...