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  1. N

    Acrylic brands help please

    Hi, just wondering if any nail techs can comment with the brand and/or supplier of acrylic you use professionally please. I've just recently qualified in acrylics and have been looking at different brands and am so confused as a lot of what I'm finding is available to the public but I would have...
  2. F

    Lauren’s Way tanning wholesale suppliers

    Hi, does anyone know where I can source Lauren's Way tanning. I stocked it years ago and I understand there was a dispute. are they still trading? Any one know of any wholesale suppliers please to buy in multiple units? Looking to stock retail tan. Any recommendations for a dark self tan mousse...
  3. Kimberlybear

    Hair extension suppliers

    Hey. I’ve just qualified in tapes, nano, micro rings and micro weave. I’ve been looking into hair suppliers and seen a lot of people on here recommend euphoria one but I can’t seem to find any pictures of people’s hair with it in, I was stuck between using angel remy (which my trainer...