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  1. P

    The Gel Bottle won’t issue a refund to me for polish I never received

    Hi, I recently ordered £130 of stuff from TGB during their 60% sale. When I received my order there was a polish missing and I saw a note that said the polish was out of stock hence why I haven’t received it but they have issued me a credit note which I now realise they mean a voucher to the...
  2. K

    Best storage for The Gel Bottle Gel polishes?

    Hi all, I’ve spent hours searching for a case or storage that will hold around 50+ gel polishes from The Gel Bottle and will fit them. I’m looking for more a case as I already have a large storage box/trolly for all my equipment I’m mobile so ideally need the storage case. can any suggest...
  3. R

    Nail art clean up with The Gel Bottle

    I've recently got a few colours from The Gel Bottle which I love but am finding them a little harder to work with for nail art. I usually use CND shellac and trained with them so am used to using isopropyl alcohol to neaten up any edges on my nail art - tried this with TGB and whilst its okay...
  4. C

    Certificate approval for The Gel Bottle

    Hi everyone, I’ve just gone through the process of putting together a package of colours etc on The Gel Bottle website when just before I’m about to pay they ask me to upload my certificates. I uploaded my Level 2 certificate because as part of my course we learnt gel nails and can’t find my...
  5. C

    Gel polish training

    I’m due to attend Gel Polish Overlay training at the end of the month, to become qualified. Once qualified can I use any brand? Such as once qualified I want to use The Gel Bottle. Or do I have to do the training with each brand to be able to use them? Thanks
  6. LauraP

    Builder in a Bottle

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some help/advice please. I do the usual hard gel/acrylics and gel Polish. I am now also offering the gel bottles builder in a bottle which I suppose is just a soak off builder gel. Does anyone also use this? I wondered if you just charged the same as a hard...
  7. S

    CND UV light for The Gel Bottle Inc colors?

    Hi there! I have been a die hard CND Shellac user for 7 years and have not been thrilled with them lately. I'm looking at The Gel Bottle and wondering if the CND light is compatible. I know it's best to have the same brand light, but do not have it in my budget to get right away. I would...
  8. EllDaisy

    The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hi all, I’ve recently seen a lot of posts on social media about ‘The Gel Bottle Inc’ and loveeee the look of the product, colours and results, but don’t really no much about it at all. Could someone please advise? My current system I use is Gelish which I love and would still want to use - is...
  9. H

    CND Shellac & Polygel

    Hi there I am Level 3 Beauty qualified (2002) but worked in a different industry all my life. Following maternity leave, I am looking to work from home. I'm currently trained with Nouveau Lashes, Body Sugaring, Spray Tan and Henna Brows....but I have never been able to master nails. I have...
  10. HelenKnight

    CND LED lamp

    Does anybody use their CND LED lamp for curing The gel Bottle Products? Ive just ordered some rubber base coat and wondered how long to cure it for? And also how long would you cure the gel bottle colours for? TIA