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  1. K

    " Expensive Blonde" hair colour

    Hi everyone, I took a step back from hairdressing a few years ago due to going into a different career. However, I still do my sister and a few friends hair from time to time. My colour knowledge isn't the strongest and my friend has been having full head bleach highlights for the last few...
  2. Kristalinx

    Is there a semi permanent fix for this?

    Hi All, I've made a mess of my own hair and I'm just after a bit of reassurance that it's at least salvageable without any more damage. I'm a qualified hairdresser but it's been about 8 years since I worked professionally, I mostly just do my own hair and the odd family member now. It...
  3. L

    Perfect ash toner

    Hey everyone, I’m lifting my clients hair and she wants to be ash, white almost. I haven’t tried dia light but I was thinking to use dia light 9.01 or 9.11 after bleaching .Can anyone recommend if they have used either. She wants to achieve something like this picture. Would really appreciate...
  4. L

    What toner to use for a beige blonde look?

    Hi everyone! im wanting to tone my blonde hair current base level of a 9. I want to go a beige blonde like this photo. What is the best toner to achieve please? I’ve previously used wella kp 8/96 but fancy trying something new?! Let me know your thoughts. TIA
  5. T

    Help with a toner for scalp bleach

    Hi guys, I have an older client who used to just get foil highlights prelightener with 6% through her natural colour which was greyer on top dark at back, she then decided she wanted an all over colour 9.0, did that and a week or two later she wanted it lighter, I put foils through, still too...
  6. C

    Toner problems please help!

    Please help ladies😩 So my client is bleached all over and normal I do regrowth and toner as she likes to be a silver. All of a sudden her toner just won’t stay in! She’s asked to go darker and even that won’t stay. I’m running out of ideas and to be honest feel like hanging my scissors up at...
  7. D

    Help with brass

    my client whilst in lockdown has bleached her hair 3 times. Natural level 4. Hair didnt lift well she went orange and has since used an ash blonde box dye. Which is extremely brassy. She wants to stay as light as possible but ive refused to bleach anymore as hair is compromised. I use wella I...
  8. D

    Help needed with blonde

    hi guys Looking for some advice client has done an at home bleach on roots over regrowth so virgin hair, she has very white ends so has ended up with a yellow/orange band. Natural hair level 6 Anyway so she wants to stay light as poss I was thinking (I use wella) the 12/16 to lighten the...