1. L

    A.C.T. Fast training

    Hey Has anyone done A.C.T (adrenaline controlled topical) Fast training for the SPMU/ microblading work? I was told on my course that its imperative to do it but there arent a lot of providers , that I can see, in the UK. Thanks Lb

    Training in Cape Town for nails - kindly advise

    Hello, I am wanting to do a nail course in Cape Town, South Africa; and have seen so many options and standards. I kindly need some advice on which standard to go for and does anyone recommend any training courses please? I need guidance, thanks so much. My goal is to open my own work-from-home...
  3. N

    Kb pro or finishing touches for SPMU training

    Hi Everyone, I am new on here and looking for advice and help. I am looking to train in SPMU for brows and Microblading. Has anyone trained in Finishing touches or Kb pro. I am making a complete career change and need to make sure I am making the right decision and would love some advise based...
  4. K

    Writing course manuals

    hi all, I have my teaching qualifications and now want to look into becoming an abt accredited school but I'll need my own manuals. surely they all say the same thing!? obviously coping others can't be done so how do you start? and where can I get the content? any advice please? thanks
  5. E

    SPMU or microblading training?

    I'm looking to do some training and become a brow specialist, but cant decide whether to just do a microblading course or the full SPMU. Can anyone advise? It's a big expense. I'm also torn between Karen Betts Pro and Finishing Touches Academies. Does anyone have any experience of either of...
  6. R

    Online nail technician training?

    Wondering if anyone cam help please. I would like to train as a nail technician, and my loval college doesn’t have any courses . Are there any courses I can do online that would result in my being able to practice professionally? I’m only interested in doing gels at this stage, as already do...
  7. Lynne Baker

    Training providers - things to consider

    Years ago I wrote an article for The Salon Mag called “Don’t believe the hype”. I wrote it hoping that it might prompt people to think a little more carefully before jumping on whichever bandwagon was rolling through town. Sadly, even today, people are still not pausing for thought before...
  8. E

    Ulyana Aster online education

    Has anyone signed up to Ulyana Aster’s online videos? Just looking for feedback from others who may have signed up? Many thanks x
  9. L

    Best training/long term kit

    Hi, This is my first post in the nail/salon community. I have finally decided to proceed with training in nails and begin my dream career. I have wanted to do nails for many years but suffered from a lack of confidence but feel it’s finally time to do something for myself. I am at the stage of...
  10. V

    Brow design training

    Hi guys. I’m looking for a training course for brow shaping, tinting, etc . I’m not interested in HD but wondered if anyone could recommend a training course? Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    Nail training with Advanced Learner Loan

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advise on how to get started on a new venture into nails. I seem to be searching into it and but just getting nowhere. I have recently found out about the advanced learner loan and was wondering if anyone has gone through their training with the help of this and if...
  12. Princessintraining

    Help, what’s my qualification?

    hello lovlies! so I have completed the following course Now i would like to be able to offer gel polish, nail art of all types, extensions (so i have booked onto a free form sculpting diploma) and hard gel...
  13. Princessintraining

    Help, can I offer forms for extensions?

    Hello, so I have just completed my Nail Technician Professional - Gel Diploma level 2. I am awaiting my results however even though the course stated it covered extensions it only went over the application of tips. My question is will i be able to offer my clients extensions via forms? Or will i...
  14. Laurenmcg2011

    Lash lift course?

    Hi I’m looking into training in lash lift and tinting and I’m just wondering who is the best to train with I’m seeing a lot about lvl and salon systems. I am based in Dublin and finding it very hard to find any courses within the next few weeks so if anyone can help point me in the right direction
  15. S

    Course recommendation

    Hello All, I am a burlesque performer who works primarily on evenings and weekends. This gives me Monday-Wednesday (occasional thursday) free which I would like to utilize and learn another skill. Having an interest and good knowledge of beauty already from my performing background (I'm the...