1. R

    Mobile waxing - new, help!

    Hello, (I’m very new to all of this please be kind) I have just started mobile spray tanning and I’m just about to start doing mobile waxing. Does anyone have any advice for mobile waxing? I’ve got a lightweight massage bed that folds down. And all my equipment I just need a good trolley to...
  2. S

    Male chest wax help

    Hi All, I'm looking for advice on how to prevent spots / red marks after waxing - i waxed my boyfriends chest for the first time a few weeks ago and he came out in an awful rash - afterwards - i used hive honey wax - he had no discomfort during the treatment so i have no cause to believe it is...
  3. Chrissie0444

    Waxing and tinting?

    Hi guys, I have just completed my eyebrow 7 day step course and i was just wondering what forms do i need my clients to sign when having their eyebows done like for tinting and waxing? I know i need a patch test form for the tint but do i need any other forms? Thanks
  4. J

    Looking for a business partner in Bucks - High Wycombe

    Hi Guys, I’m looking for a business partner! I have been in the beauty and tanning industry for almost 18 years, I’m just in the process of hoping to take on the shop next door to my beauty salon which is situated next door to Sainsbury’s on a main road with fantastic passing trade footfall...
  5. Chrissie0444

    Waxing, right temperature?

    Hi guys, I have just finished a brow course and I’m very new and not done nay brows except mine and my partner. I’ve waxed my brow ( went sore and is now scaling ) and waxed my boyfriends brow and his was red for a bit. I’m not sure if I am getting the right temperature or I’m not stripping...
  6. Chrissie0444

    Double dipping!

    Hello guys, I have just passed my advance brow course today and I was told not to double dip! I got home and done mine and my partners brows and I realised I double dipped on both of us! I have just put the whole tub of wax in and I feel so silly and the trainer said no double dipping so many...
  7. L

    Help needed! - Beauty Therapist LVL2

    Good afternoon ALL, I'm new in here. I've just qualified my beauty therapy lvl 2 (going on LVL 3 in seprember). But, I have had many doubts on all the treatments that I can offer, where to start from, the main thing when I finish my LVL 3 is faicals as I love doing them, in the mean while, I...
  8. HMC

    Hot wax going grainy/gritty, any ideas why?

    We been using Lycon So Yummy Chocolate Hot Wax and Lycon Lavender LycoJet for years and years, and lately they have been going grainy/gritty in the pots. It's extremely hard to use as it will either snap (brittle) or stick to the skin (like it has no oils, or it sucks the moisture out and...