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Mar 25, 2013
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I live somewhere that has complete lockdown of all the salons at this stage. So I thought just in case some of you are in the same boat I'd make a fun thread.

What trends do you think will be in 2021?

House Beauty

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Jul 29, 2013
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My Predictions Based on Colour and Catwalks

Had some fun writing this. Just going by previous years.

Based on the Pantone colour Al Aqua I’m presuming a lot of turquoise...but more in terms of nail artists buying polish colours. It won’t filter onto clients hands for about 6 months to a year except for those that like to be bang on trend with everything new and be ahead of everyone else.

Brown is already coming back in (gosh I remember brown skirt, brown boots, brown hair, brown cardigans, brown bed covers and curtains....that’s all coming back but you may have noticed Dulux has made a kind of Sandy mud brown), so it may translate into nail colours and hair colour. Poo brown more like but we always roll with it. Much like Tranquil Dawn seems to have taken over and we are seeing pale sage and mint everywhere.

The catwalks offer up larger than life trends, which filter down into our daily lives, in terms of colour...eg 2000 colour was Cerulean Blue (anyone remember The Devil Wears Prada circa 2006 and the Cerulean jumper?). Sometimes that’s how delayed fashion can be in terms of filtering down into daily life. And people still want nails to match their clothes. So as a guess from that based on the last few years we’ll be seeing demand from Al Aqua, for people that are into fashion, but also the past two years of Living Coral and Ultraviolet for those that eventually get into trends but aren’t brave enough to try them out initially (anyone remember the first pastel hair colours or balayage and it being really OTT but now years on its really very common). Then you have those like Andie in DWP that don’t care for it but eventually get there without noticing in terms of buying clothes and accessories years later and that will also translate into hair colours, styles, nails, makeup and fashion. For example most of the pastel pink and pastel blues came from the 2016 colours of the year, Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity.

Fake freckles as much as I hate them
Dark lip stains this less vampy more burgundy seen at Rodarte
Minimal makeup a la lockdown, lots of people finally accepting their real faces and wearing less
Masks = big eyes, full of fluff, with everything else bare for minimal mask smudging
Flushed cheeks in beigey peach tones
Brown eyeliner is back a la Victoria beckham, minimally just on inner waterline in a v and upper waterline too to widen eyes in an outward motion, much like what a cat flick does but on the inside
Smudged lipstick mimicking the style of glamour of the 1920s while also pairing it with their flu pandemic and mask wearing, to merge with our current crisis style, eg velour lipsticks with clear masks or my take likely brides with only lace masks and velour bright lipsticks for wedding photos as lips blur and require lipstick anyway, but with some coverage they will be going for brights
Easy side partings and ponys

I love looking into it, makes me feel
More excited for the year ahead and to plan my beauty. About to order a brown eyeliner right now as I always wore it Circa 2008 at school.

Can’t wait to hear everyone else’s predictions!


Sep 8, 2020
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Los Angeles
Hey, I think for 2021 we will drink alcohol for disinfection and wear masks instead of clothes))

Peanut butter

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Jun 29, 2020
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I wonder if due to all the lockdowns people will begin to embrace some natural elements like gel manicures instead of sets... low maintenance hair colors. I’m not sure but it’s a thought. Not for me though. As soon as this is over, I’m gonna doll up :p

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