25 years old and wanting to start a career in hairdressing!


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Apr 28, 2020
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County Durham
Hello everyone!
So basically I work in a very boring customer services job, full time. The money is good but it is destroying my soul. Ever since leaving school I have wanted to do hair but my mother bullied me into taking A Levels. Lockdown has given me a whole new perspective and I just cannot bear to waste my life anymore. I want to become a hairdresser! I was looking at a Saks apprenticeship rather than college as I would find it very hard to get models etc.

my only concern is I own a home jointly with my partner and I am petrified to start all over again career wise! After I qualify I would want to be mobile or have my own salon. Please give me some words of wisdom!


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Jun 17, 2020
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Go for it! I remember going for my induction at college and their was a girl there who looked upset and she really wanted to do hairdressing but her mum had made her do A levels and was really disappointed that she wanted to waste her education on becoming a hairdresser :confused: sure to say she didn’t come back when we all started and I sure she’s in a highly paid job now she hates:eek: I always wanted my own salon and by the time I was 22 it had happened! I can imagine it’s daunting not going into it straight from school but 1 of the stylist I work with started later on and wouldn’t look back! Once u have a steady clientele ur book kind of rolls on itself it does take time and I’d definitely say after u train either work for somebody or rent w chair or mobile before jumping in to bills for premises etc as you will need a steady client base if u want to see a wage at the end on the week x

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