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I had quite a horrible pregnancy sickness and chicken pox to name a couple.a week after having my daughter I haemorrhaged which was the scariest thing ever. Has any one had a similar awful first pregnancy and gone on to have another? My little girl Is now 16 months and I'm now thinking in a year or so I may want another :)


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I had a rotten pregnancy with my first- every scan I had was worrying, I had sciatica, had morning noon and night sickness all the way up to and including my third trimester and bubs got stuck coming out. I had hideously bad haemorrhoids which resulted in me staying longer in hospital after bubs was born. Bubs was a week early weighing 8lb 10 oz. Couldn't sit on my bottom for three weeks :(

Nine years later we had our second, only morning sickness in the first tri, haemorrhoids but nothing like the first time, suffered with PGP (which wasn't nice) but other than that I had the perfect pregnancy physically. Baby popped out in just an hour and 45 mins at home and weighed 7lb 1 oz. Had bubs on the Sat and had my first client on the Thursday.

Not every pregnancy is the same lovely. Xxx

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I had a good first pregnancy but a horrific birth with a massive obstetric haemorrhage, with my second I suffered from hyperemisis gravidarum, gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia, however the second birth was a much better experience even though I had him over 4 weeks early.

Every pregnancy and birth is so different and after my first I didn't think I would ever want another baby but then I couldn't deny the so called body clock ticking. Yes my second pregnancy was stressful but I now have a lovely little 18 month old that I cherish every moment of every day. xxx
Oh glad other mummy's have managed to go on to have more babies! I was dead set on not having anymore as I was so scared for months after having my daughter after hemorraging. But this last week I've been thinking I'd love my daughter to have a little sibling! Hubby is nervous as he is worried about my health with pregnancy. But we said this time next year we will really discuss it:)


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If your hubby is worried, have a chat with your doctor and the doc may be able to put his mind at rest, and yours.

I didn't want anymore due to my first pregnancy, that's why there's 9 years between them. Bubs is 5 months old now and im absolutely in love. Xxx

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I completely feel your pain. I have a beautiful 16 month old son, and I would love to give him a brother or sister, and my partner is desperate to extend our family but I still cannot forget my pregnancy.
I had terrible (really terrible) sickness from day one to having him. When I fell pregnant I was 9st and when I was 6 months pregnant I was 8st. I was admitted to hospital constantly, for dehydration, hypermesis gravadium (I think that's how it's spelt) low blood pressure, low sugar, low cell count amongst a few other things.
I had to give up work at 4 months pregnant because I spent the entire time with my head down the toilet bowl.
At 8 months pregnant I was practically bed bound. I only weighed 7 1/2 stone and was a size 6 and I had two ribs internally fracture because of the baby.
At 9 months my spine dislocated under the weight. I dropped to just 7st but I was adamant I didn't want a cesarean.
I gave birth 5 days after my due date. 74 hours in labour without so much as a paracetamol I have birth to Oscar weighing 9lbs 4oz.

So safe to say... I'm a little hesitant.
What's keeping me going is "next time isn't necessarily going to be as bad".
X Hi, I had a terrible 1st pregnancy I was sick all the way through, in and out of hospital because my kidneys were failing due to my baby laying on a tube that connects the kidney and bladder. I then had a five day labour where eventually I had no choice but to have an epidural and to be induced as my contractions weren't doing anything enough though I was in agony! After 2 hours been on the drip I was just dropping off to sleep when 4 midwifes and 3 doctors came running in as his heart rate was dropping during contractions and wasn't going back up so they started to prep for theatre but after reducing the drip amount and moving my position everything settled. After another 5 hours, I was finally ready to push an hour later they started to prepare for a forceps delivery luckily it didn't come to that but I had 2 midwifes, the senior midwife, and 2 doctors in there when he was born as he had pooed inside me. He was born grey and the imbecile cord was wrapped round his neck and full body thankfully he was OK!

I got pregnant when he was 3 months old and I was terrified but the pregnancy was easier and the birth was perfect 5 hours long and 12 minutes pushing :)
It's scary after having a bad pregnancy/birth BUT there's nothing saying that it will be the same experience and sadly there's no guarantees it will be better but it could be and its all worth it when your baby's born :)

I know alot of people that had really bad first pregnancies or births and went on to have good second pregnancies and births x

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My pregnancy was a doddle but the birth was horrendous - 2days of contractions before getting in to hospital then i would only get to 9 1/2 cm so had to get a section then started haemorraging and lost 6l of blood! Was in icu then hdu then a special care ward before getting to the normal maternity ward. Was in hospital for 5 days and have been told that any future pregancies i need to have a planned section at 38 weeks.

Our wee girl is 18months and I'd love another wee bubba in the next few years but i'm terrified that the same thing will happen xx

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I broke my back whilst pregnant with my first which wasn't found out until after I'd had her (in those days you couldn't have X-rays whilst pregnant) suffice to say giving birth with a broken back was the most horrific pain I've ever endured. I was then told I couldn't put myself (and my back) through another pregnancy but as I desperately wanted another child, 5 years later I went through the pain barrier again to give birth to my son by Caesarian. Yes the pregnancies and complications were horrendous but do you know what, my 2 children were worth every minute of pain and I would endure it all again in a heartbeat.

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I had a bad 1st pregnancy and a terrible 2nd. I would still do it all again, it's lovely seeing my too play together but have been told because of the way I was cut (cessarian) for my 2nd babs that I would have to have another section at 34 weeks the latest as I would not be able to carry another pregnancy to term :( x
Its some what comforting to know that other woman have been through so much and gone on to have more babies. My daughter will be 2years 4 months this time next year so I think I we do decide that will be a nice gap between them to start trying for a 2nd. Id love a boy! :) thank you for all your replies and sharing your experiences!


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Its some what comforting to know that other woman have been through so much and gone on to have more babies. My daughter will be 2years 4 months this time next year so I think I we do decide that will be a nice gap between them to start trying for a 2nd. Id love a boy! :) thank you for all your replies and sharing your experiences!
I think sometimes you just need to look at the bigger picture. Yes, we may go through hell but look what we get at the end of it!!

Good luck with whatever you decide x

Every pregnancy birth are different my 1st pregnancy was nightmare had alot of bleeding now and again at 10 weeks midwife practically told me wasnt looking gd mite av ad a miscarriage thank god everyfin was fine, midwife thought was goin into labour at 26 weeks due to bleeding thankfully i was not and he was born full term with 22hrs of labour.
2nd brill pregnancy went really smooth, 26hrs labour but her heart rate dipped so needed to put monitor on her head also horrendous pain with hips, born healthy :)
3rd pregnancy.. really bad hormones i was constant mood swings lol, labour 7hrs water broke 1st and fairly easy straight forward birth compared to last 2.

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I worry that I'd be pushing my luck having a second as I had such an easy pregnancy and birth with my first. Although my little girl is 2 and still doesn't sleep through. Maybe I'd have an awful second pregnancy but a baby who sleeps through at 6 weeks?!! ;)

(I don't know what the blue '!' is for?)
Oh my little girl is great she slept through the night from 12 weeks.

I think if I done less worrying Id be better off. But I've gone through a stage of worry worry worry! And on top of that moved house. So think planning a baby for next year will give my mind focus. We had always planned for two but with my pregnancy and after it really put us off. But hearing other stories has made up my mind it's just my hubby needs some reassurance I think :)

My lil girl slept right thru from day she was born n shes 2 now was well happy with that lol x

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