3 for 2 wording


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was thinking of offering a special offer of book 2 appointments get your third free, and launching it at open evening.

any idea on how to word it so that I entice people to fill my appointment book up on the evening, and how do I ensure that people dont book 2 cheap treatments and try and claim a more expensive treatment for their 3rd?


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Book 3 treatments together and receive the cheapest one free,

That way they are booking them all on the same day and they can see its the cheapest treatment that they get for free,

also try to offer a loyalty card, these go down well,
mine are After 10 nail enhancement appointments you can have a free bottle of solar oil or a free eyebrow wax
and After 10 waxing treatments you can have a free mini manicure,
this is in the hope of after the free treatment they will start to have them regularly so spend more money


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Just had a look on M&S website as they have 3for2 on xmas gifts.

There wording is:

Simply choose 3 treatments and get the lowest priced treatment for free.

I'm sure they have other terms and conditions, have a look for the wording. Also try boots as well.



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the best way to word it if i were you is

when you book two'

you will instantly get peoples attention as the first thing they will see is the 'free' part (especially if you put it in bold, change the size compared to the rest of the text and change the colour), and who does not like getting things for free...no one i know.


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thanks everyone, thats brill.


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thought of doing the loyalty thing in the future too.