30 micro rings lost in 2 weeks

Hello, can anyone advise me why this may happen! Fitted 100 micro rings for my client 2 weeks ago and she said she has lost 30 already - she does have oily hair but this seems excessive. Anyone know if it could be something I have done? And where do I stand if you requests a refund? Thank you


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She’s maybe skippy hair or not holding them when she brushes them? I’d refit them with two beads each x


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Make sure it’s freshly washed and bone dry before if her hair is oily x

Have use used silicone micro rings ? Those stop them from slipping out and also have you used the correct size micro ring. Don’t refit with 2 beads that will be so bulky and unsightly x


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Correct prep? Section size? Strand weight? Ring type/size? Securely clamped? Products? Type of brush? Brushing technique? Washing correctly? Conditioner? Aftercare in general? Straighteners/wands too close to the bond? There are so many reasons micro rings can slip. I’d get her back in and tell her to bring all the hair that’s come out. If the strands have lots of her bio hair attached it’s most likely her doing. If they have slipped cleanly out its most likely your doing. Then you can decide on how you charge or not to fix it.