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Hi just after any advice. I've a client who's hair I've been doing for about 3 years now. She's a natural depth of 7/0 & has about 50% grey. She's always liked a 9/0 or 99/0 with 9% on her roots & about every 3/4th time a few highlights throughout. For the highlights I used bleach with pastel for a gentler lift. Her natural hair was a very strawberry blonde & she's been more than happy with the colour. Her hair is baby fine and grows very slowly.

However about 12 months she took really ill and went into hospital for a while & when she came out her hair was in terrible condition. It had been cut shorter whilst she was in hospital. It's been quite a challenge just to get her hair back into a nice style, colour. However after doing her highlights once after hospital, the hair condition was dreadful with some ends breaking off so I advised it probably be best to leave the highlights for a while. So I've just been colouring her roots for her ever since, & the bleached highlights are still noticeable on the ends.
I did her roots last week & have received a text saying she doesn't like it as there's too much darkness showing through all over & wants it rectifying. I'm not sure how I can really without using bleach, which I don't want to as her hair is really porous. I know tint can't lift tint, so can anyone please give me any suggestions or advice please, many thanks?

If the hair can't take any bleaching I would probably try using koleston 10/0 or illumina 10/ with 12% it will normally lift the solid appearance of the most recent colour and allow you to change the tone and make it appear brighter and lighter to the client.. I would probably follow this with a stand alone olaplex treatment..


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I would have thought that bleach with either 3% or 6% would be a safer bet than tint plus 12%?

If she's 'feeling dark' would a few balayaged pieces just around the face help her feel lighter rather than all over and reduce the risk of serious breakage?

Definitely agree about offering an Olaplex treatment too.

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Thank you for your replies. I really don't want to use bleach on her hair again to be honest as its so fragile & prone to breakage. The 12% mix with 10/ sounds ok if it's on no longer than 30 mins, but I could only apply to root area again, however with the 9/0 being on her mid lengths & ends would it look too uneven? Altho not sure what else I could do...

I have used the 10/ illumina and kp 10/0 with 12% a number of times and it never made the hair feel as processed as even using a mild cleanse with bleach and warm water or pastel dev' does, but obv you know your clients hair better than any of us on here, that would just be my suggestion if your wanting to avoid bleach totally✌

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Thanks all x