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Has anyone done A.C.T (adrenaline controlled topical) Fast training for the SPMU/ microblading work?

I was told on my course that its imperative to do it but there arent a lot of providers , that I can see, in the UK.




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I've heard that some councils are insisting on it for licensing renewals, my inspector didn't mention it but I decided to go for the training anyway. To be honest, the main attraction for me was being able to legally use numbing creams though now I've tried adrenaline, it does work to prevent bleeding and I'm sure it has helped with retention. The first aid training that's part of the course has made me feel a lot more confident about how I would deal with a client having a reaction in the salon. Dermagraph Microblading are the Actfast trainers for London and the South East. Wilma, the trainer, is absolutely brilliant and she knows way more about the legalities of microblading than I do. I'm sure she would be happy to chat if you give her a call.

That's great. Thanks so much for your insights! I will check our dermagragh as it sounds like the offer exactly what I need :)

Thanks for the recommendation LashAmore. At the moment ACTfast qualification is the only safe and legal way to obtain and use adrenaline and prescription strength numbing creams if you're not a medical professional. It's a course that you'll only realise the true benefit of, if things go wrong in your treatment. Our course is geared towards the needs of PMU and SPMU Artists but I think that the safety and first aid parts of the course are vital in any salon where there's a chance of allergic reaction. We do run a one day course every month in Windsor or Langley (nr Heathrow) and you can find out some more info on our website if you're interested.

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